Utah State battles Boise for the drivers seat in the Mountain Division

Utah State plays Boise State Friday. The winner will be in the drivers seat of the division. How can Utah State win? Read more...

This is a Utah State versus Boise State preview. But more than anything it might end up being my random thoughts and ideas.

So starting this thing out is my thought on last year. Utah State had a nice run in their first possession and then basically played from behind the rest of the game. They ran the ball 30 times for a balanced total and over 100 yards but it just didn't seem like that. The Offensive Line and Defensive line were both dominated by Boise's so that is understandable too. So will the Aggies run the ball more this year?

There are a few options:

The Aggies could come out and run the ball a lot to start the game to attempt to establish physicallity and control the ball.

They could come out guns a-blazing and try to be agressive with deap passes or trick plays.

I guess one option, allthough easier said than done, would be to mix it up and call teh perfect plays right? But what is more likely to work against Boise?

If you want my opinion... I think Devante Mays is a guy that you have to game plan for and get involved. If the Aggies can run effectively against Utah then they should be able to run against Boise right?

The Boise game plan is always to get a lead and run the ball. That is their offensive and defensive strength. Playing from ahead their defense has been great.

Boise State rushed for 64 yards on 31 carries agaisnt BYU in their only loss of the season. Is the Aggies defense better or worse against the run than BYU?

It's tough to compare because injuries and oponents are obviously tough to compare.

The other factor I would bring up is Jeremy McNichols: I'm sure the Aggies coaching staff is like me and will believe he's out when we see it. That him though looked like a concussion to me. If he plays he brings a streak of 2 touchdown games this year that is very impressive. Without him they would obviously be less dynamic in the running game. 

THe most likely scenario that ends in a win for the Aggies... The Aggies stop the run and are able to run the ball. Also turnovers are very important which makes running the ball that much more important.

So do I have any answers? No, Sorry, I don't.

We will all see what happens Friday! 

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