Will leave Utah State after one year as OC

Josh Heupel spent a year at Utah State and will be named Missouri's new OC


Josh Heupel will be named Offensive Coordinator at Missouri. Sometimes these hires can take days to announce so although I am confident it will happen there are always steps and processes to follow.This is something I heard from a source soon after the new head coach was announced.  

Heupel spent a year at Utah State as the play caller and now leaves for the SEC.

In my opinion Heupel did a good job at Utah State. The offense at Utah State did not look drastically different last year for a reason. I was able to both interview him and also watch practices. What saw I was impressed with. That said his playcalling was not perfect at the beginning of games and in the red zone at times.

No information yet about the replacement. I have heard and am confident that internal and outside candidates will be considered. 

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