Rayshad Lewis who is Ray Lewis' son and David Woodward both Committed today

Utah State filled a spot at WR and a project LB

David Woodard and Rayshad Lewis are the type of Athletes that Utah State can bring in and develop into great players. Vastly overlooked by big programs in their backyards they both have the potential to be very good. Thsi formula has worked before and hopfully they come in with a chip on their shoulder to work harder than those 4 star guys that got the scholarships instead.

Rayshad came to Logan over the weekend with his parents. Maybe you have heard of his Dad? Ray Lewis played for the Baltimore Ravens.

Ok we got that out of the way. The Aggies got in early with Coach Bouknight and it went a long way in securing a commitment from the Orlando Florida native.

Rayshad really started to flourish as a WR at the end of his career but many colleges offered him as a CB. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. 


David Woodward is a rangy athlete who played all over the field in Olympia Washington. The staff believes he can bulk up to convert to a Linebacker at Utah State. It worked with a couple NFL draft picks this year named Nick and Kyler.


Number 11 in this highlight video.


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