Utah State will sign another recruiting class but who will it be?

Utah State really focused on Local players, Linebackers and Wide Receivers.

Today is Signing day eve...

So what should we expect from Utah State in the next 24 hours?

Last Minute Decisions

There won't be a lot of last minute decisions. I'll just get that out there. There will be some though that could make a big difference in whether the staff will fell settled or not.

Hirkley Latu

Deciding between Utah State, BYU and Oregon State

Is expected to serve a mission so either way he will not be the savior at Linebacker next year. He is a pl;ayer with a high ceiling and would be a great fit in the Utah State defense.

Kurtis Taufa

Deciding between Utah State and Utah

I have been told he is still deciding and the guys that cover Utah have been told he is rock solid with Utah.

I guess we will wait to see on signing day. Just like you would always hope out of a JC LB, Kurtis is a ready to play guy that would come in and contribute.

Taufa has repeatedly told people that this is a difficult decision for him. So we will see.

Kaelin Himphill

Probably choosing Arizona according to some. Utah State is in his final 4 or 5 but he visited so long ago that it may be tough to land him even though the Aggies could really use him.

Eldridge Thompson

This actually comes down to whether Utah State offers him and does not get other Linebackers to sign. Thompson was actually a WR in high school and does have good speed and quickness. He still has another year he could play at Coffeyville JC and would have 3 years to play at Utah State. 

Recent Commit

Justus Te'i

This hybrid OLB/ DE has high potential and is a guy that needs to get in a D1 weight program.

I think he is a guy that could go either way depending on what happens.  

I think I am more interested to see what happens after signing day if the Aggies don't fill all their slots.

There are a few available Linebackers out there that could be options.

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