What should we expect from the Aggies this year?

Utah State now really gets into Spring Ball with pads. What position groups are you worried about?

Utah State throws on the pads today and really kicks things off this Spring. After taking a week off for Spring Break and getting the first 2 practices out of the way, the Aggies will get going.

So, What will I be watching for?

Linebackers and Wide Receivers are the biggest area to replace:


Utah State lost all of their starters from Last year!

It looked like LT Filiaga may let a new guy start with Vigil, Fackrell and Green with his injury. That really didn't happen though. That really only turned out to a rotation for part of the year with Brock Carmen. The starting 4 linebackers were so experienced as well as other rotation guys that now they are left with very little experience.

With linebacker a position of strength and depth at Utah State for years everyone probably expects to re-load.

So the most experience comes from mostly special team guys like Huerta, Andersen, Christiansen, Larsen and Carmen.

There are JC guys and Freshman and redshirt Freshman that are looking to prove themselves.

Anthony Williams redshirted last year after getting playing time and a lot of reps in practice. He figures to be an important player now as a senior after looking really impressive last Spring with some of the other LB's injured or sitting out. He is a versatile guy that can play multiple positions as well.

I look for Coach Kotulski to plug in the best 4 players but I also think the most difficult spot will be the Kyler Fackrell semi/Hybrid role.

I am hoping the Coaches give Dalton Baker a chance to step into that role as well as maybe Larsen or Riggins maybe.

Dalton Baker is one of the few players on the roster who is big enough and I watched him play that position in High School.

Wide Receivers:

The Aggies lost a lot of experience at Wide Receiver. The pieces are there to be solid however and Alex Byers should be able to step in to a significant role. It will help to have him in Spring practices. It will also be interesting to see if the offense rides what should be a solid running game with Mays and Hunt. The Tight End position is deep as well with Houston and Dax Raymond proven pass catchers.

With those guys along with Andrew Rodriguez we should see a good year from Kent Myers as long as the Offensive Line improves.


Speaking of the offensive line. Will there be changes in attitude or scheme on offense? Will the Offensive Line be better?

So much of Football is attitude and mental toughness. Will the players have a shift in attitude or will the coaches be different in some way?

This team seems to be more predicated on TEAM. Whether on purpose or not there was a lot of individuals last year.

This team really does not have any stars so if they are going to be successful it will be as a complete team.

Who's ready?

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