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Utah State plays Boise State on ESPN2

Boise State tries to get revenge on Utah State tonight.

Boise State will try to get revenge for last years beat down that Utah State put on the Broncos.

The keys to the game:

Utah State needs to start fast and take what the Bronco defense gives them

The more I watch this Boise State team, I think they have holes.

I don't know if Boise State will sell out to stop the run or where that will be but USU coaches need to make the adjustments to capitalize on that.

My guess is if Utah State comes out and runs the ball that will open up the passing game.

The bottom line though is either way the Aggies need to take deep shots and continue to run the ball.

And all that said they need to ride what is working til it doesn't anymore. That may be Kent Myers running the ball and he can't be scared to run the ball.

Sorry if that is confusing but this Boise State defense is not as good as last years. Therefore there will be opportunities.

Both Special Teams and Defense need to play smart.

They can't get gashed by a trick play or something unexpected. It's almost like playing Air Force. You have to stay on your guy.

As always, the turnover battle is a must to win for the Aggies.

Stopping McNichols is very very important but even keeping him under 100 yards would be good enough.

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