Aggie Hoops New Faces: Connor Garner

Aggie Hoops New Faces: Connor Garner

While not a new face to the program, Connor Garner will be suiting up for the Aggies for the first time in over three years. After walking on as a freshman, Garner served as a manager for the Utah State men's basketball team for the next three years. With a ton of talent at the guard position, I don't know how much we'll see Garner on the floor this year but he brings a lot of experience and culture to Aggie hoops this season. Let's get to know Connor a bit better.

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·         Tell me about your recruitment and journey to Utah State.

I graduated in 2009 and then I went on a two-year mission. Then I came back and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go play anywhere. I didn’t have any offers so nobody was interested in having me come play. I always have wanted to come to school here. My parents came here and this is always where I wanted to go to school. I came here my freshman year and found out about a walk-on tryout. After the tryout I was fortunate enough to get called back. So my freshman year was spent as a walk-on. A lot of injuries let me get some good playing time that year. However I knew if I stuck around the next year I wouldn’t play much. I still wanted to be a part of the program so when one of the coaches offered me that manager spot I took it. I’m back this season as a walk-on and we’ll see how it goes.

·         What is a strength in your game that you feel you will bring to this team?

I’d like to say experience and toughness. I know what it takes and want to help these new players realize what it takes to be in the Mountain West. I want to help the team get through that grind.

·         Who has surprised you in practice so far?

Sam Merrill. This summer when he got back from his mission he was a little out of shape but he has improved the most of any since this summer.

·         Who is the funniest on the team?

For me it’s got to be Ngor. He’s always throwing out jokes. He always has something to say.

·         Where is your favorite place to eat in Logan?

Mo’Bettah’s is the best place. For sure.

·         What pro player do you try to pattern your game after?

Growing up in Utah and Idaho it’s always been John Stockton. He has always been my favorite player growing up.

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