Aggie Hoops New Faces: Diogo Brito

Aggie Hoops New Faces: Diogo Brito

Utah State has several players from across the globe and Diogo Brito is no exception. A Portugal native, Brito led the Portuguese national team with 17.9 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 3.4 spg and 3.1 apg at the U18 European Championships. One of the things that stands out about Brito is his dedication to the "student" aspect of being a student-athlete at Utah State. Reports from practice have been that he is an extremely hard worker who builds up his teammates. While the verdict of him redshirting this season is still out, look for big things to come from Brito in the future.

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·         Tell me about your recruitment and journey to Utah State.

Two years ago I was playing in Portugal. I then had an opportunity to come to the United States and attended a high school in Virginia. I played there for a year. At the end of that year my coach told me that there was an interest in my game from Utah State. I visited and fell in love with this place.

·         What specifically about USU made you “fall in love with this place?”

I always wanted to be in a place where I could get a really good education while at the same time play a high level of basketball. The conference is great. The coaches are awesome. The facilities here, I just couldn’t pass all of that up.

·         What is a strength in your game that you feel you will bring to this team?

I like to create shots for my teammates.

·         Who has surprised you in practice so far?

I think we have a great team. I enjoy watching them play and I’m really happy they are my teammates. I think Shane’s ability and skill set is up there. Jalen is such a great player too. Then you have Quinn and I love Quinn because everything he does is just correct. I have to learn from him. He just doesn’t make any calls. He is always where he is supposed to be. That’s something that, as a freshman, you really admire and look up to because part of being a freshman is getting into the rotation of the team. If you know what you have to do then it will help you get to that point. Once you look at those guys who already know what it takes, then you follow what they are doing.

·         Who is the funniest on the team?

Ngor makes me laugh all the time. He’s probably the funniest on the team.

·         Where is your favorite place to eat in Logan?

I went to this place called Logan Steakhouse on my visit here. I haven’t been there since but I think if a recruit were to go there on a visit, they would love it for sure.

·         What’s been the best part of USU so far?

I spend most of my time at the Estes Center and I love it there. It’s really nice in the Taggart Student Center because I like to have a place to eat close to a place to study. Sometimes I just go on walks to the Quad in front of Old Main too. I’ll just stay under the tree for 15 minutes and forget about everything while I’m there.

·         What pro player do you try to pattern your game after?

Probably Manu Ginobili. I like his game a lot.

·         What is your pre-game ritual?

As any basketball player, I like to listen to my music. It helps me to get focused. I listen to some weird music like rock and metal. That helps me get focused and gets me hyped. I also like to come early to the gym. I want to get a feeling for the game and the baskets and just focus in on what I need to do that night.

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