One of the reason for Utah State's Year

Everyone I talk to has a different explanation of why the Aggies have 3 wins this year

Everyone I talk to has a different explanation for this season. The disappointing 3 win season so far has been ugly.

Most of what I have said on the podcast, twitter or articles like this are just facts. Some people may not want to hear it but I will always try to explain what I see and analyze this team no matter what some people think.

This may be one of those articles that some will love and some will hate.

I stand by the facts in this article. This is not intended as a catch all explanation or the only thing that explains a decline. There are a lot of little things that 

can explain things.

I have my perspective and others have theirs and that will always be the case.

When Matt Wells was hired I don't think he had his own plan.

He took over for Gary Andersen who had a plan.

Even after his first and second years Matt Wells was close to leaving and the staff was a direct reflection of that attitude. Some people will use the fact that Wells' has had to replace assistants and coordinators as an excuse for a decline in the program. I can't use that as an excuse when those assistants were hired as short term solutions and those inside the program knew they would jump at the first chance they had. Josh Heupel was not staying long term at USU.

Some people were convinced that since Matt Wells is an Alumnus he would stay long term. That was never his intention. He looked for other jobs and openly talked about it to people that I know. Every year there has been a 1 year plan. Bringing in late signings like David Moala turned out well but there was no long term building on the offensive line or defensive line. The team this year has 25 seniors and the offensive and defensive lines are dominated by seniors yet they have been dominated for the majority of the year. To build a great oline and dline it takes a long term focus. 

Does this explain the in game coaching mistakes and lack of recruiting battle wins? No. Have there been some mistakes in recruiting? Yes.

Like I said before my focus most of the year is recruiting so I am usually going to look at that.

So what does this mean? 

Either Matt Wells did not successfully continue that Gary Andersen plan or he only had a year to year plan.

I would personally love to see Matt Wells execute a 4 year plan that he 100% believes in. I wish he would have done that 4 years ago but better late than never.

Would that win a Mountain West Championship next year? Maybe not but I am year to see evidence of that long term approach that Gary Andersen had when he was here.

I think last year some of the hires with Alums Frank Maile and Coach Mike Canales were steps in the right direction. Hiring coaches that want to be at USU long term is a huge step in the right direction. Hiring coaches with the promise of taking them to the next big stop does not.

So who else wants to see the long term Matt Wells plan?

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