The Stew Morrill Project

Aggies Fans on speak out about our man Stew!


Thanks to all who participated. This project is meant to be a tribute to our beloved Basketball Coach, the great Stew Morrill, whom we are very lucky to have at the helm of our Basketball Program.

I just want to say that I think Stew Morrill did the best coaching job of his career this past season. He had a team with no offense outside it's big two, few returning starters, a hole at point guard that proved to big to be filled this year, lack of offense at small forward, lack of any semblance of consistency at center and little real height. Despite all of this, he managed to provide us with great entertainment and 23-7 record.

With what I know about next years team I'm very excited to be an Aggie. Congratulations Stew on a great season, and good luck in recruiting and preparing for the season to come!

Go Big Blue!


Coach Stew, I just wanted to take this oppertunity to thank you for all you have done for Aggie Basketball and Utah State! Your accomplishments are many during your first four years here in Agggie Land. I'd personaly like to thank you for beating the Utes three of the last four years. Working in SLC, it's fun to be the only Aggie at work and beat them so often. And now, after this year, it looks like we are beating BYU again as well. We Aggies take a lot of pride in that fact! You coach with class and you teach your boys to act and play the same. That cannot be said for many of the college Basketball programs out there. I appreciate the way the team conducts itself on away games and at home as well. And that is a reflection of what you exspect from your players. You have turned the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum into a special place that teams fear to come into and play. I love it when you look to get the crowd fired up at home games. You aren't afraid to let us know that we mean something to the team. I appreciate your honesty in post game interviews. You tell it like it is, and you don't hesitate to give credit where it is due, whether that means to your own players or to the other team. You don't however, give yourself enough credit as often as you should. I guess that is the reason for this little note to you. Stew, you can flat out coach and we all can see it. You get more out of players than any of us see. This year is the perfect example of that. I was so glad to see you get Coach Of The Year. You deserved it, and as far as us Aggie fans, you win that award every year in our book! Good luck in the future, I really hope you are a part of that future for many more years here at Utah State.

Sincerely, Mark - aka AggieSports

Thank you - I just wanted to congratulate you Coach Morrill and the Team on another great season. It was an exciting year and we once again played with heart and came out on top more times then not. I think I speak for most Aggie fans when I say the years to come are filled with excitement and anticipation. The Logan Loonies are always going to come and support the Aggies in the Spectrum. Go Aggies and let's keep the tradition of winning going.


Coach Morrill; Again you have shown your acumen for making something out of nothing. With 4 starters and a key reserve missing, no one would have blamed you if you would have packed it in and had an off year this year.

Instead you motivated the team to do great things and even though we didn't finish where we had hoped, it was a great year. We all look forward to a continuation of the great tradition you have started and we are behind you all the way. Please pass on my best wishes to your assistants as well. We know they work extremely hard. Thanks again

Vince S. - WestJordanAg

Thanks Stew and the rest of the Coaches!!! - To tell you thank you doesn't seem like enough. I know that some fans are real jerks. And they do some dumb things, but I think as for the most of us we feel really lucky to have you here. I think for not being picked to be in the top of our league you and the players showed how hard work and dedication pays off. Again I'm proud to be an AGGIE and tell everyone that we have the best Coaches. Again thank you for the GREAT RIDE It's great to be an AGGIE.


Stew & Company, - You have to be some of the hardest working coaches in basketball. I'd like to thank you all for restoring Aggie pride. When I've had the opportunity to make it to Logan to see the team play live. I always notice none of you guys ever stop coaching. You have done more for Aggoie fans than you ever get credit for. You give us something to get excited about. I think all Aggie fans know with you guys at the helm the Aggie basketball will always be competitive. Thanks for an incredible season. I for one am in awe of what Aggie Basketball acomplished in 2001-2002, and I'm already looking forward to next fall. Regards,


Thanks Stew and the rest of the Coaches!!! #2 - Thanks for the memories of these teams the last few years. In two of the last three years when we have been 'rebuilding' you have taken the team to the regular season conference championship, in the one year of returning starters we made the second round of the NCAAs. You have started to make USU a school that doesn't 'rebuild' but 'reloads' and comes back at you. We look forward to many years with you as the coach and attending the celebration when you break the Aggie record for all-time coaching wins.


Stew, Thanks for being our coach! - Thanks for the great season. Your excellent coaching skill took our team further this season than I had ever expected. Success as you have always said is a double edged sword. Last season was outstanding, better than any we have had in 30 years. That put added pressure on you this year as we lost 4 Seniors form that team. Due to your outstanding recruiting and coaching, our team achieved at levels that I could only have dreamed of 6 or 7 years ago. Sure I was disappointed that we didn't win the BWC and that we didn't get a bid to the NCAA's. Sure I was disappointed that we lost in the NIT.

We Aggies all know that there are many programs that could and would offer you more money to go with their programs and coach their teams and bring prominence back to their institutions. I for one would like to thank you for staying and bringing PRIDE back to Aggie Land. You have made our program very respectable and that means a lot to all of us. Best of wishes in the off season. Godspeed in your recruiting efforts. Aggies forever!!!!!!!!!


Making History - Stew, What a great time to be an Aggie Fan! I wanted to add my thanks for all the hard work you and your staff have put in this year. Coming into this year the excuses were piled high and deep for why this year's team wasn't winning. Now, here we are at the end of the season and the excuses remain piled like cord wood, unused. What greater compliment could you have?

As an Aggie fan I take pride in the quality of Basketball you put on the court for us, as well as the quality of kids you recruit to represent us. It's a program that everyone can hold their head high about. Thanks for bringing it to us! Here's to hoping for many years to come (and lots of Dancin')!

Sincerely - Travis (aka vadryn) -

Stew's the best - Utah State has a proud tradition of basketball through the years. Here's how I rate the coaches since Cec Baker's time at USU.

1. Stew Morrill

2. Larry Eustachy

3. Ladell Anderson

4. Dutch Belnap

5. Rod Tueller

6. Cec Baker

7. Kohn Smith

8. T.L. Plain

Stew, that's pretty good company to be rated above. Keep up the work. You have the opportunity to enhance your reputation to near LaVell Edward's standards. If you keep it up, when anyone mentions USU basketball, your name will immediately come to mind.

Thanks for all you've done and will be doing in the future.

Dave Hart, or "The Duke"


He is the best coach to ever come to USU! His record alone speaks for his coaching.. How lucky I was to be at school for a few of these great runs.


Great Year Coach, - One would be hard pressed to find a time in aggie basketball history when they could stand taller as an aggie fan than the last four years. You and your coaching staff have done an amazing job at Utah State. You put a quality product on the floor that plays hard and is exciting to watch. What is even more amazing is your ability to form a competitive team and do it honestly. You have created a program amid other mid-major programs to be envied. I admire the high character nature of your coaching staff and players. In my opinion, you run a program the way a program ought to be run.

Thanks again for all of your time and effort. You're the best thing to happen to aggie basketball since Wayne Estes. Good luck recruiting and we look forward to seeing the team play next year.


Stew for president, Ray for minister of defense - It's been a fun four years. You've been a great coach. And, I'm glad we have you for years to come. Yes, the first year was disappointing. But, Allick could only do so much at point. But, the upset over the U. made that season fun. Now, the next two years with Rock, Rolle, Brown, Daniels, Bailey, Bobb, etc. , were some fun ball. There was some great chemistry. And, to top it all off we beat Ohio State. Well, this year has been fun for different reasons. I loved the win over BYU. That may go down as the best game I've been to. I missed seeing the win over Utah. But, it sounded dominating. As you said, this may have been the funniest year ever. Yes, the season ended in a somewhat disappointing way. And, we all would have liked to see th Aggies in the NCAA's. But, we did some over achieving along the way that made us all proud. I flew across the country to see the Aggies in the conference tourney, and I had a blast. Yes, we lost. But, it was a fun season nonetheless. I'm an Aggie for life. It started with some fun years with Eustachy. But, you've created a benchmark for the success of this team. What you are able to do with these players that come from so many different backgrounds is astonishing. If they buy into your system of plays and preparation, they can succeed. GO AGGIES, GO STEW, GO BIG BLUE.


Stew: - I've never been good a basketball, therefore I've never liked the sport. I was a tall kid, but Dad played football, so that's what I learned. Enter Stew. As a student at USU during the Kohn Smith and Larry Eustachy years, I was never very interested in Basketball. But you came around and changed that. Now I drive from your original home town (and the town wherein I currently reside) Provo, Utah, to see basketball games (when time permits). Not even as a student did I go to many basketball games. So I attribute my conversion as a basketball fan to you. I wish you the best of luck at USU, and many many successful years to come. I realize, like many others, that you cannot always have a NCAA second round basketball team like we had in 2000/2001. But this year proves your coaching abilities. As far as I'm concerned, you are the BEST coach in the NCAA. P.S. - you have our permission to ask the audience not the "throw (expletive) on the floor."

Viva la Stew!

Mateo - proprietor,

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