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Reagan Scott-Pebley added another player to the fold with the additional of University of Buffalo transfer, Virgina Jennings.


Gary Stevens was unanimously elected as the 2nd Vice President for the Big Blue Club during the last Board meeting on June 5. Stevens assumes the position immediately and will be responsible for the Big Blue Club committees and functions directly related to promoting public awareness and interest in Aggie Athletics. In other business, James Wyatt officially took the President's gavel from Juanita Kohler, who has admirably served as President this past year. Dan Cox also assumed the reigns of 1st Vice President for the upcoming year. In addition the Board officially accepted the resignations of Carl Lundahl, Julie Hunter and Juanita Kohler, all of whom have loyally served on the Board in various capacities for many years. Earlier this past spring, the Board accepted the resignations of Val Potter, Marilyn Adams and Al Koch. The Board's Executive Committee is currently in the process of filling the vacancies created by the departures. The Executive Committee would like to have all vacancies filled within a few weeks.


My zeal to form BBC Chapters in various counties has been rightfully slowed in order to better formulate the concept and its application. The ability to work closely with the already established Alumni Chapters to further the mission of the Big Blue Club is paramount; therefore, more time is needed to work with the current Alumni structure to better ensure success. It has been proposed by Alumni Relations that a Vice President for Athletics be established within each current Alumni Chapter to work directly with the Athletics Department and the Big Blue. The Vice President would also be a liaison between Athletics and the respective Alumni Chapter Board. This proposal would alleviate duplication of effort and maximize cooperation between Alumni Relations and Athletics. The concept is still in its infancy and will require certification from the governing bodies of Alumni Relations. This process may take until late October to become reality. However, current plans to host BBC activities outside the Cache Valley will not be put on hold and will continue until fruition.


In the near future, we will need to clean up the mailing list for the Update. The capricious nature of email addresses naturally creates a less-than-tidy mailing list. In the near future, those who wish to continue receiving the BBC Update will be asked to email me a short note indicating so. I will let you know when we will begin that process. Q & A Question: How will the current statewide budget cuts affect the Athletics Department? Answer: The belt has definitely been tightened, and may get tighter with the prospects of additional cuts being aimed at higher education later this month; yet, we are forging ahead. Despite minor budget revisions and the cancellation of several travel plans, the Athletics Department has weathered the first wave of cuts relatively well. What has helped us sustain the cuts is that a small percentage of our budget is dependent upon state funding. A greater concern to the budget may be the constricting of funds generated from the private sector in the form of advertising revenue, ticket sales and annual giving. Though the reduction in state funding has tightened the wallet, the Athletics Department's focus is on how the current economy will affect corporate sponsorship, ticket sales and annual giving. Nonetheless, in the midst of severe budget reductions across the state, USU has managed to add a major sport.

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