Changes coming to

There have been issues with in the past few weeks. Those issues will always remain as part of the entity which is the internet, but is not dead nor dying, as many seem to believe... is here for the fans. That is the commitment which we have made for you. Through our top of the line message board, chat facilities, and upcoming features, this site which is dedicated to serving Utah State Athletics fans is doing whatever it can to keep Aggies together, no matter the distance.

I would like to address a few issues which have been raised about things that go on with this site:

1) Message board content and its influence 

Conference rumors, personal relationships, libelous material, coaching issues, player and personel problems with the athletic department...These are all topics which have been discussed on the message board and raised a bit of controversy in the past month.  Our message boards ARE moderated, and while we will allow most material to be posted, there are some topics which have no place on our message boards, and we removed those posts.

As should always be done on the internet, take what you read with a grain of salt.  Obviously any information that is 100% official will be released on the Utah State University official athletics website,

Information will be posted in the future on our message boards regarding a number of topics related to Utah State University.  Their credibility is left to your discretion, however know that we will not remove any information that is not libelous.  This is a free forum, and as adults using the forum, we should be able to decide what topics we want to read and do not want to read.

2) Closing?

I've received a few e-mails asking whether this site is closing.  To quote ViAggie, that's not only a no, but a "hell no". is backed up by Yahoo, and it is not going anywhere.  TheInsiders will occasionally post an article on the main page of the site, as you saw about a month ago...but we have the ability to remove those, and they will not be a problem.  To the best of our abilities this site will not take on a corporate feel, we're like a living room full of Aggie fans.

3) What can we expect to see in the future now?

While you won't be seeing mass amounts of multimedia like we had originally hopes (gatekeepers), we hope to provide lots of original Aggie content for you.  Some new features which are on the main page, and are being worked on currently are Aggie Poetry (as made famous on the message board) and a new Post of the Week feature, with Post of the Week winners being thrown into a contest for Post of the Year which will have a nice door prize attached to it! 

Starting this weekend, we will have Weekly Pickems!  I'll be soliciting the message boards on Thursday September 26th for people to participate in this fun game which we see in lots of other places, but this time with an Aggie twist...Stay tuned., grabbing the bull by the horns, and putting it on your desktop.

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