Kotulski to coach Aggie defense

On December 19th, the UStateAgs.com message board suggested that Dave Kotulski would be announced as the new Utah State defensive coordinator. Well, he is...

According to a Utah State athletics press release, David Kotulski has been named the new defensive coordinator of the Aggie football team.  Kotulski last coached at Bucknell University where he was the defensive coordinator and acting head coach during the 2001-02 season.

Apparantly, Kotulski was the best man for the job.

"Out staff was completely blown away by Coach Kotulski's enthusiasm, confidence and organizational skills," Aggie head coach Mick Dennehy said. "I feel to a man that every single one of us felt that Dave was the right guy in every single aspect of what this job entails. Most importantly I know that the kids will feel the same way."

The defense which Kotulski led at Bucknell was consistently among the top in defensive statistics.  Over the last eight seasons Bucknell allowed 101 yards rushing and 189 yards passing per game, according the the press release.

The breath of fresh air into the Aggie's stagnant defense will likely aid the Aggies greatly in their quest for a Sun Belt championship.

For the actual press release CLICK HERE

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