What are the Fighting Farmers?

LorenzoInLogan debuts his column on UStateAgs.com

Yellow Jacket Sting
Tom Ridge is aggressive when it comes to security. But he aint got nothing on our yellow jackets. A few idiots were throwing balls and shirts kitty-corner over the court in the first half of the CSF game Saturday night at the Spectrum. Before the situation went awry and cost the Ags at technical foul, the yellowjackets preemptively swarmed and removed "fans" from the Spectrum. The Aggies won by one point… a single technical foul on the crowd could have cost us the game. Hats off to the men in yellow.

BYU: Losing Games & Their Cool Too.
While the honor code at BYU strictly forbids the use of alcohol, tobacco, and pre-marital sex apparently there is latitude for releasing zoob frustration with projectiles. Thursday night BYU hockey player, Justin Pehrson, became unglued after the announcer mispronounced his name at the George S. Eccles Ice Center in North Logan. He retaliated by spraying the folks in the announcers box with his water bottle. Eventually he threw his bottle on the ice and was ejected. Is anyone else seeing the parallel between Pehrson and an agitated infant throwing a tantrum and his bottle in a high chair? Not to be outdone, BYU basketball fans found a way to bring more honor to the "missionary tool" that is BYU athletics when the Coug's squared off against the Ute's in the Marriot Center. After the Ute's so beautifully snapped BYU's home court win streak the zoob's retaliated by throwing bottles and other items at the Ute's as they left the court. Be it known forevermore that BYU fans cannot claim they are the victims of unbridled persecution while on the road, for they themselves have sunk to the same low. Most fans need alcohol to make jackass' of themselves and their teams, but for BYU fans it just comes naturally.

Hey, Anthony Bolton, who's "number one"?
During the CSF game on Saturday night at the Spectrum, several Titans engaged the taunting crowd with responses even before the game began. As an ambassador of California State University, Fullerton and the prestigious insitution that it is, 6'7" Junior Anthony Bolton blew kisses to the student section and then flipped them the bird on several occasions. It's one thing to lose the game Tony. But it's quite another to lose your class. If you saw Anthony's antics feel free to let Brian Quinn, CSF's AD know how much you enjoyed them. Quinn's email is bquinn@fullerton.edu. Head coach Donny Daniels can be reached at ddaniels@fullerton.edu. The school's newspaper, the Daily Titan, has an email address too; dailytitan@yahoo.com (don't worry, I'm going to send a letter to the editor).

The Fighting Farmers or Stew's Blue Crew
I was chatting with rAggie at the game tonight about organizing a group of fans similar to the CIA in Irvine and Crazies at Duke. We would all have some kind of "uniform" and sit courtside and engage in various chants to cheer on the Ags and get in the head of their opponents. Raggie suggested that we all dress up in straw hats and overalls and name ourselves the "Fighting Farmers". Another friend suggested that we make tshirts calling ourselves the Herd or "Stew's Blue Crew". If you would be interested in this leave a post on the message board or email rAggie or I.

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