Utah Beats New Mexico- What Does It All Mean?

A good team beat a bad team. What can we take away from the Utah beatdown in New Mexico?

This game means two things: Utah is good and New Mexico is bad. That's pretty much it. The Utes aren't going to have a letdown against an inferior opponent this year. It just isn't going to happen. The coaches are too good, and the players are too well prepared and talented to let that happen.

The Utes have 7 wins in their back pocket (San Jose State, Colorado State, Wyoming, and BYU to go along with the current 3 wins). There are two more games on the road that the Utes will likely win (Iowa State and San Diego State).

There is a road game against Air Force that is going to be very tough. Air Force almost upset Oklahoma in Norman and has been very impressive so far. The Utes will be favored and have more talent, but the game should be tight. A similar scenario applies when Utah travels to South Bend to take on Notre Dame. The Irish are still growing under first year coach Brian Kelly and have lost to two top 25 teams so far in the final seconds. They could easily be 3-0. The Utes don't them until mid-November and their offense could really be clicking by then. As it stands, the Utes are better, but going into Notre Dame Stadium with all the tradition, will be a tough task for the Utes.

That leaves one game remaining when the TCU Horned Frogs come to Salt Lake City. TCU is ranked 4th at the moment, and could move up as high as #2 after this week if Alabama and Boise State each lose to ranked opponents. The Frogs could be #1 come November 6th. If they keep winning, the Utes should be somewhere in the 4-7 range by then. Beat the TCU and Utah is looking at a top 3 ranking.

With their current 13 ranking, Utah isn't too far out of it right now to get to the National Championship Game. Oklahoma was ranked 14th after 3 games in 2000 and still made their way. Granted, they had bigger and better teams to play along the way, but the Utes still have a shot to get there. This season, a national title may not be just a dream.

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