Utah vs San Jose St- Position Breakdowns

Who has the edge at each position? InsideTheUtes breaks it all down...

The matchups:

Jordan Wynn vs. Jordan La Secla
La Secla is a decent quarterback, but isn't suited for the pistol offense. He's a pro-style quarterback that wants to throw it around and doesn't have the speed to make plays with his legs. The pistol cannot succeed if the quarterback cannot run. La Secla cannot run. Jordan Wynn is likely to make his triumphant return this week after missing the last two games with a thumb injury. Terrance Cain filled in admirably and leads the nation in passing efficiency. If Wynn has a poor game, people might start whispering about a quarterback controversy. The San Jose State pass defense is bad. Wynn, even if he's somewhat rusty, should be able to carve them up. Advantage: Utah

Running Back
Matt Asiata and Eddie Wide vs. Brandon Rutley, Lamon Muldrow, and David Freeman
Rutley is the main ball carrier, but isn't much of a running back. He's rushing for only 43.3 yards per game on the season and just over 3.5 yards per carry. Muldrow and Freeman are even worse. This team simply can't run, which isn't a good thing considering the offense they use. Asiata and Wide need a big game this week. The New Mexico performance was poor from both players. It's time to break off a big run. Advantage: Utah

Wide Receiver
Jereme Brooks , Luke Matthews, Shaky Smithson and DeVonte Christopher vs. Chandler Jones, Noel Grigsby, and Jalal Beauchman
The Spartan trio has 43 catches between them, led by the freshman Jones with 20. He's a little guy in the mold of Jereme Brooks, with even better speed. Jalal Beauchman is a senior with almost 100 career catches to his credit. He has great size at 6'4" and 220 lbs, and may have an NFL future. Jereme Brooks keeps working his way towards and all conference year with another big game against New Mexico. No reason to think he won't have another big week. Nice to see Christopher bounce back after disappearing against UNLV. He looks to be the number 2 guy at the moment. No catches for Shaky last week, but he makes his imprint in the return game. Luke Matthews isn't playing with much confidence right now. Advantage: Even

Tight End
Kendrick Moeia vs. Ryan Otten
Otten had five catches against Southern Utah last week, but generally isn't used much. The tight end isn't used a ton in the pistol. With Brad Clifford out this week, Moeia could have a big game and improve on the two catch game he had against New Mexico. Advantage: Even

Left Tackle
John Cullen vs. David Quessenberry
First year starter, Quessenberry, is a pretty good athlete. Was projected to be a backup until an injury to starter Fred Koloto forced him into action. Cullen has been solid, but not spectacular this year. His run blocking skills still need work, but he still gets the slight edge, Advantage: Utah

Left Guard
Caleb Schlauderaff vs. Isaac Leatiota
Leatiota is one of the best guards in the WAC and has 33 career starts under his belt. Schlauderaff is one of the best guards in the nation. Advantage: Utah

Zane Taylor vs. Reuben Hasani
Hasani is a redshirt freshman with one career start. Taylor may be coming back from an injury, but he's still one of the best centers in the country. Advantage: Utah

Right Guard
Tevita Stevens vs. Nicholas Kaspar
Kaspar is a true freshman and a little on the light side at 6'5" and 270 lbs. He won't have much fun going up against Sealver Siliga. Stevens slides back to right guard now that Taylor is back and will continue to open up lanes for Matt Asiata and Eddie Wide. He was stellar at center last week and may have a future there. Advantage: Utah

Right Tackle
Tony Bergstrom vs. Andres Vargas
Vargas is a veteran and has been a key component in San Jose State only being sacked three times on the year. Bergstrom didn't have his best game last week, but is still an elite right tackle Advantage: Utah

Defensive Ends
Junior Tui'one and Christian Cox vs. Cedric Lousi and Travis Johnson
Lousi is a native New Zealander who made his first career start last week against Suothern Utah, picking up one tackle in place of Mohamed Marah. Johnson has seven starts to his name and leads the team with 1.5 sacks. Tui'one has disappeared the last two weeks. Cox had a very good game against New Mexico, getting good pressure and making a few stops. Derrick Shelby could be back this week. Advantage: Utah

Defensive Tackle
Sealver Siliga and Dave Kruger vs. Pablo Garcia and Anthony Larceval
Siliga and Kruger don't show up on the stat sheets, and that's just how they want it. Blowing up the line time and time again against New Mexico, they should do the same this week against a young SJSU offensive line. Garcia is an above avergage pass rusher from the DT spot with 4 sacks last season. Larceval is a freshman that is severely undersized at 265 pounds. Advantage: Utah

Chad Manis, Matt Martinez, Chaz Walker vs Tiuke Tuipuloto, Vince Buhagiar, and Kyler O'Neal
I'm starting to think that this might be one of the better linebacking trios in the Mountain West. They are very workman-like, making tackle after tackle. J.J. Williams may not get his spot back. Tuipuloto is the leader of the SJSU linebackers with 20 tackles. He's a converted safety with 12 career starts that loves to fly around. Buhagiar is a true freshman with great size at 6'3", 235 lbs. O'Neal is the weak link at linebacker with only 6 tackles on the season. Advantage: Utah

Brandon Burton and Lamar Chapman vs. Ronnie Yell and Peyton Thompson
Thompson is a good one and is one of the nation's leaders in pass breakups. Ronnie Yell is a first year starter that makes me want to listen to some Billy Idol. He leads the team with two tackles for loss. Chapman was the Mountain West Conference defensive player of the week after filling up the stat sheet. His speed is being used perfectly by the coaches. Burton pretty much had the week off and wasn't tested last week. He really needs to come up with an interception soon, though. Advantage: Utah

Justin Taplin-Ross and Brian Blechen vs. Alex Ihenacho and Alex Germany
Germany is a little guy at only 5'9" and 180 lbs. He's a first time starter this year and was burned a few times against Alabama. Inehacho is arguably the best safety in the WAC. He's got great size, good speed, and great instincts. He'll be in the NFL next year. Blechen had another good game against New Mexico with a sack, tackle for loss, a pas breakup, and was all over the field. Taplin-Ross just keeps chugging along. He hasn't received the pub that Blechen has, but he's been more consistent. Advantage: Even

Joe Phillips vs. Harrison Waid
Waid is 2-4 on field goals. Phillips hasn't missed. Advantage: Utah

Sean Sellwood vs Jens Alvernik
Alvernik took over punting duties a few games ago, but is only averaging 31 yards per kick. Sellwood didn't have a punt blocked last week and is averaging over 43 yards per kick. Advantage: Utah

Kick/Punt Returner
Shaky Smithson vs. Brandon Rutley and Brandon Driver
Is Shaky the best return man in the country? He might be. I can't wait to see him and TCU's Jeremy Kerley go at it. Driver and Rutley are out there league. Advantage: Utah

Totals- Utah 14 San Jose State 0 Even 3

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