Kyle Whittingham Press Conference

Kyle Whittingham's weekly press conference leading up to the Iowa State game...

Looking back briefly at San Jose State, I thought we played well. We played a complete football game. Essentially, we did what we were supposed to do. The bye week was very productive. We got on the field and did a good job balancing what we needed to do and getting work in that needed to get done. We got some recruiting done – all 10 coaches were on the road this weekend. There were a lot of positives out of the bye week.

Iowa State is a good football team. They had a nice win against Texas Tech on Saturday and are 3-0 at home this year. They ran the ball particularly well – they had two running backs with over 100 yards and their quarterback had a good day. It was a good win for those guys. It'll be a challenge for us. We have played Iowa State four times, all in the 70's, and gone 0-4. We are going there with a big challenge ahead of us but as long as our guys stay focused and have a good day of practice, we will show up and compete.

On success after bye weeks: Our success in those situations is attributed to the players and their work ethic and focus. I don't believe that we have any corner on the market as far as preparation or what we get done, but it's about how the guys go about it. That's probably the biggest factor.

Comparing Iowa State to other teams: They are very similar to Pitt. Their personnel is what you see in a typical Big 12 football team. They are big up front on offense and have hard-running tailbacks. They employ tight ends on nearly every snap. Their defense is active - their secondary in particular is very good. It's about what you expect from a Big 12 football team.

On Iowa State quarterback Austen Arnaud: He is a dual-threat guy. His shoulder has been injured a little – he didn't run much at all against Texas Tech but he is very capable. He had a nice day throwing the football. He made good decisions. He's a quarterback who is much like what we see in spread offenses.

On the rankings: As I've said many times, to me the most important thing is the show of respect for our players and our team across the country. It's still very early in the season. We have a lot of football left and don't get caught up in that at this point. As far as others view the program, like recruiting, that's a positive but not our focus. Our focus is the task at hand. If you get caught up in where you are it's a distraction. We try to put it on the back burner for now.

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