Utah vs Iowa State- Position Grades

Grading the Utes after their huge win in Big 12 country...

Quarterback A
Jordan Wynn was 23-31 for 326 yards. This performance was even better than the one he put up against Cal in the Poinsettia Bowl. He made all the throws, on a line, hitting his receivers in stride. The only thing keeping this from being an A+ was the interception in the first quarter where he made a poor throw. If Wynn plays like this every week, Utah will play for the national championship.

Running Backs B+
Matt Asiata and Eddie Wide again didn't break off the big run, but pounded the ball up the middle consistently for 5 and 6 yards. 239 yards on the ground and an average of 5.6 yards per carry will get the job done. Good to see Sausan Shakerin healthy and getting carries.

Wide Receiver A+
This was easily the best game of the year by the wide receivers as they ran great routes, got separation, and caught everything thrown their way. DeVonte Christopher had his third big game of the year and is showing why he's considered the best athlete on the team by many.

Tight End B+
Kendrick Moeia broke out. It may not be apparent with just two catches, but he was open for much of the game and the downfield blocking was much improved. Moeia is rounding into more of a complete player with each game. He'll be a big time weapon in 2011.

Offensive Line A
Both the pass blocking and the run blocking are getting better with each game. Outside of the hit that Wynn took in the first quarter, the quarterbacks were kept fairly clean. The holes up the middle were huge for the running backs as they ran for over 200 yards. This unit has allowed only one sack on the year (tied for first in the country).

Defensive Line B-
This wasn't their best game, but the D-line was still solid, getting some pressure on Arnaud without letting him run for anything. Iowa State had only a few big plays running the ball and those came late and on runs to the outside. Only one sack this game, and again it was by a defensive back

Linebackers B
A few missed assignments and tackles gave Iowa State more rushing yards than the Utes had given up in a game to this point in the season so far (170). A lot of that was against the second teamers, but Chaz Walker didn't have his best. Matt Martinez was the best linebacker for the third straight game, despite posting only two tackles, and Chad Manis led the team with 9 tackles.

Cornerbacks A-
I say it every week, but Brandon Burton is amazing. His interception was an easy one that was thrown right to him, but the Cyclones didn't test him at all outside of that. Lamar Chapman was almost as good on the other side of the ball and Conroy Black saw extended time

Safeties A-
Justin Taplin-Ross picked off his first pass of the year and also delivered a few big hits. Brian Blechen was fairly quiet, but did a good job of helping contain Arnaud and keeping him from scrambling for big yards.

Special Teams A+
Shaky Smithson had almost 200 yards in total return yardage while Reggie Dunn pitched in with a 100 yard kickoff return. Sean Sellwood's kicks weren't as big as they have been so far this year, but Joe Phillips balanced it out by going 4 for 4 on field goals and 8 for 8 on PATs.

Coaching A+
The play calling was perfect. Aaron Roderick called an almost perfect game and the Utes offense executed with 68 points. Kyle Whittingham keeps the winning streak after bye weeks alive. The players were well prepared and the coaches made the perfect in game adjustments.

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