Utah-Iowa State- What Does It All Mean?

The Utes win big but drop in one poll and don't move in the other...

This team is good. This team is very good. I'd probably take them over both the 2004 and the 2008 teams right now, both in a one game setting, and for a full season. They don't have a glaring weakness. They really don't have a weakness at all. 68 points and almost 600 yards on the road against an Iowa State team that will likely be in a bowl game is impressive, especially considering most of that came in the first three quarters.

The special teams were a liability to open the year with two punts blocked. Now they're looking like the best in the country leading the nation in kickoff return average and third in punt return average. Kicker Joe Phillips is still perfect on the year and Sean Sellwood has one of the biggest legs of any punter. This is a big reason why Utah could go undefeated.

Jordan Wynn may be on his way to elite quarterback status while the defense can make a solid claim to rivaling TCU's as the best in the conference. Both the offensive and defensive units are elite. Not many schools in the country can do what Utah does on both offense and defense.

Let's assume for a minute that Stanford would have gone on the road to take on a middle of the pack Big 12 team, put up 68 points on them, and won by 41. Let's also assume that a team ahead of them lost over the weekend. Stanford would have moved up in the polls. Utah didn't.

Despite the huge victory over a decent team, Utah didn't move up at all in the latest coaches poll. Not that it matters in the long run, but they actually dropped in the AP poll. How is that possible? Looking at the votes from each AP poll voter, one voter, Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News, has the Utes at 20th in the country. He has 8 one loss teams ahead of the Utes. He also has TWO two loss teams ahead of the Utes including having an Oregon State team ranked 10th overall. He has Air Force at 17. How can this be?

Current BCS projections have Utah at 12, but nowhere near the top 8 teams. They're getting killed in the computer rankings, with one ranking at 33. This will change as they continue to win and the schedule gets more difficult, but that isn't going to happen for a few more weeks.

The east coast, Big 12, SEC bias is running rampant in college football and it's quite evident after the events of this weekend and the polls that were released on Sunday. If this continues, Utah is going to have a tough time moving up to one of the top 2 spots in the country, which will get them into the national championship game. If they go undefeated, Utah is going to a BCS game, likely the Fiesta Bowl or Rose Bowl, so Ute fans need not worry that a BCS game is unattainable. If they win out, they'll be in one of the big 5 bowls……but the Utes want more….. and they deserve it. Teams ahead of the Utes will lose, and they will move up slowly, but if a 41 point victory on the road against a BCS conference team isn't good enough to move up in the poles, especially when a team ahead of them loses, then making that move all the way to number 1 or number 2 is going to be difficult.

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