Utah Beats Wyoming- What Does It All Mean???

The first BCS rankings are out after the win. What does it all mean?

The Utes put up the least convincing-convincing win you might ever witness. 30-6 looks great on paper. The total yardage numbers were heavily in the Utes' favor. Wyoming never really threatened Utah in any way shape or form. But we need more. 30-6 isn't going to impress a lot of voters. Maybe we've become spoiled and will settle for nothing less than 50 point performances. If that's the case, we're all going to be disappointed as the Utes hit the meat of their schedule starting in two weeks with Air Force. And While 30-6 might sit well with the coaches, this team needs to show more against highly inferior opponents going forward. The only problem is Colorado State is the last of those opponents.

Number 9. That's where the Utes sit in the first BCS standings. Not a bad spot to be, especially with how many top 10 teams have lost over the last few weeks. Utah is in a great spot to run the table and get into the BCS Championship Game. LSU was ranked 12th in the initial 2003 BCS Standings and still made the BCS Championship Game where they beat Oklahoma. It's not going to be easy, but it can be done. Of the teams ranked ahead of the Utes, I believe 5 of them will lose with only Oregon and Boise State coming out unscathed (along with the winner of the Utah/TCU game) and the Utes will jump one-loss Alabama. Beat TCU, and the Utes should have close to a 50/50 shot of landing in that title game.

How much does the impending move to the Pac 12 help? More than people might think. Some people in the college football world are already considering the Utes a Pac 12 team. Just getting that distinction, and grouping them with other Pac 12 teams helps the profile of the school, the football program, and will help get them closer to a national championship than a lot of people might realize.

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