Utah vs Wyoming- Position Grades

Grading out each of the positions after Wyoming...

Quarterback C
Jordan Wynn was decent, but the three interceptions can't happen again. All three picks were his fault. After the huge week against Iowa State, he regressed a bit.

Running Backs A-
188 yards total rushing and the first 100 yard game of the season out of Matt Asiata with 109. He's hitting the hole with more and more authority each game. Eddie Wide needs to stop dancing in the backfield.

Wide Receiver B-
Luke Matthews had his breakout game with 4 catches for 66 yards and a touchdown, but most that came on the touchdown bomb. DeVonte Christopher is turning into a very reliable second receiver that Wynn is going to be able to count on going forward.

Tight End A
5 catches for 63 yards for Brad Clifford. It seems like a new tight end is emerging as a threat every week.

Offensive Line A
Wynn went mostly untouched, but the offensive line was again most impressive in run blocking. Tons of pulling guards turned into tons of yards for Matt Asiata.

Defensive Line B
Still not getting the pressure that they should be, but the defensive tackles were stout and fairly unblockable throughout the game. Sealver Siliga needs to start getting more recognition for being arguably the top DT in the conference.

Linebackers B
I watched the game three times and I couldn't find a standout linebacker, but Walker, Manis, and Martinez were steady throughout the game and made all the plays they needed.

Cornerbacks B+
Only 116 yards passing by Wyoming was impressive, but there were still a few missed tackles and Conroy Black needs to start playing the ball and not the man.

Safeties A
Blechen gets the headlines, but Justin Taplin-Ross has been the better player. He has great in run support and continues to hit with authority. Wyoming receivers didn't want to go over the middle.

Special Teams B
Shaky had another banner week, but Reggie Dunn wasn't released like Utes' fans were hoping after his kick return touchdown last week. The blocked extra point was a mental error and can't happen again. It ruined Joe Phillips' perfect year.

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