Utah vs CSU- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We're searching desperately for anything bad and/or ugly after the Utes rolled over the Rams...

The Good

The Passing Game

427 yards passing with 13 different players catching passes. Wynn was accurate and didn't force a single throw all game. He made last week's mediocre performance look like a hiccup on the way to stardom. The receivers did a very good job of getting open and catching everything thrown their way.

The Second Half Defense

Colorado State couldn't do anything on defense in the second half piling up only 59 total yards with only 8 yards rushing. The front seven was tremendous and the safeties and corners did a great job in support. Everything that Pete Thomas completed was for short yardage and he had no time to throw.

Joe Phillips

Could Phillips actually end up an All American? He's made 18 straight field goals, going back to last season, and executed his on-side kick and recovery perfectly. Hasn't been needed much outside of the Pitt game, but could be the difference against TCU.

Eddie Wide (When He Runs With Authority)

For the first time in a few weeks, Eddie Wide put his head down, protected the ball, and tried to run through people instead of dancing behind the line of scrimmage. He, in turn, had arguably his best game of the year.

The Bad

Shaky Smithson Fielding Punts

That's the second fumbled punt of the year for Shaky. Not that the coaches are going to relieve him of his duties anytime soon, but he better not drop one against TCU.

The Ugly

The Schedule

We're nitpicking at this point to find anything wrong with this team, but the schedule to this point has been one of the easiest in the country. The win by Iowa State at Texas, and Pitt now looking like the best team in the Big East helps, but even the Air Force game on Saturday doesn't look as daunting as it once did. The Utes need BYU to run the table up until their season ending game to become bowl eligible and Notre Dame to beat Tulsa and Army to get to six wins because they aren't beating Utah or USC. If the Utes can beat TCU and the Horned Frogs finish with one loss, and Pitt ends up winning the Big East, the schedule will look much better by the end of the season and possibly help warrant a BCS Championship Game bid. Utah will have beaten seven bowl bound teams in BYU, San Diego State, Iowa State, Air Force, Notre Dame, Pitt, and TCU, likely one of the highest numbers in the country. If Pitt wins the Big East, that gives the Utes a victory over a BCS bound team, which helps the perception of Utah. TCU would also have an outside chance at landing a BCS non-automatic bid as well. On paper, that schedule looks pretty good.

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