Kyle Whittingham Press Conference

Notes and Quotes From Kyle Whittingham's Weekly Press Conference...

Opening statement:

We played well against Colorado State in all three phases of the game. Our offense had a lot of production and a lot of yards and points. We possessed the ball well and did a lot of good things. The defense was more of the same. We defended the run exceptionally well. Special teams was not quite as dominant, that was probably the one area that we were not as sharp in. Other than that, it was a very good game overall. It was good to get back home - that was our only home game in October - and it was good to get a win.

Now we turn our attention to Air Force. We play the Falcons on the road this week. They are a very good football team coming off a couple of tough losses. It will be a typical Air Force/Utah matchup. It's been a great series with a lot of close ball games, and I expect this year will be no different.

Injury report:

Brad Clifford is not available this week. Neither is Wykie Freeman or Westlee Tonga. Those guys are down.

On the series with Air Force:

It's been back and forth. Last year was a great example of that playing in overtime. Most every year it goes down to the wire. A lot of that is attributed to the toughness of an Air Force team that never quits, ever. They always hang in there and give the full 60. For whatever reason, it seems like every game is very close and it goes right down to the wire.

On defending Air Force:

The triple option attack is a big departure from what we see every week. We spend time in the spring and on the bye week on it, so we got a head start. We have to play assignment football. Any breakdowns and you are looking at a potential big play. We have to match their toughness and discipline to defend it.

We have a lot of players in the lineup for whom it will be their first opportunity to play against Air Force. With their cut blocking and everything they are going to bring to the table, we are going to try to replicate it in practice, but it's never the same until you get out there live. Hopefully they will get up to speed quickly enough. We have returning guys who can school and educate the new guys on what to expect.

On Utah's high-powered offense:

We've been pretty good so far. From a numbers standpoint, I couldn't tell you where we compare to other teams, but we are doing a good job and moving the ball and we have a lot of weapons. Jordan is playing well, we have a lot of weapons at receiver and running back and the offensive line is playing well, which is our nucleus.

On how many players have scored touchdowns:

We are spreading the ball around well. In Jordan's last game he was getting everyone involved. We have a lot of playmakers. We have a lot of unselfish guys who are worried about getting the win, and that's what you need to have.

On Air Force Quarterback Tim Jefferson:

He is a very good athlete. He is running the offense very well and his running ability is his strong suit. They have had some great quarterbacks throughout the years and he is another in a long list of guys adept at running the triple option.

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