Utah vs Air Force- Position Grades

Grading out the positions after the victory over Air Force...

Quarterback C+
Not all Jordan's fault because of how vanilla the gameplan was, but the interception was a DUMB throw and he didn't look deep very often. How he responds this week against TCU is going to tell us a lot about what kind of player he is.

Running Backs B
Really pounded the ball well, but couldn't break the long one. Eddie Wide went back to dancing in the backfield. Not sure if there's a running back that runs more violently in the country than Matt Asiata.

Wide Receiver C-
Jereme Brooks had the least impressive seven catch day ever, but still moved the chains here and there. He was noticebaly frustrated with his inability to get open over the middle. Not having DeVonte Christopher turned out to be a bigger loss than anticipated.

Tight End B-
Another seam route down the middle for a big play to Moeia. Why they don't run that more often is beyond me. Didn't have their best game blocking though, especially in run support.

Offensive Line B
Not their best performance, but got the job done with almost 200 yards rushing. Tevita Stevens has turned into a lightning bolt and really gets downfield to block faster than any of the other linemen. This group is finally going to be tested next week.

Defensive Line B+
Wish I could seperate the tackles from the ends as the tackles were much better. Playing defensive end sucks against Air Force, but there were too many plays where guys were either blown off the ball, pushed out of the play, or took the wrong guy. The tackles on the other hand, kept the Utah defense in this game.

Linebackers B
Didn't have the big impact I thought they'd have, but Chaz Walker did close out the game with a sack. Too many times were lined up in places where they couldn't make a play (that's on Sitake), and had to come all the way across the field.

Cornerbacks B-
Not going to put a ton of fault on their shoulders for the big passing numbers by Air Force. The way Kalani Sitake drew up the gameplan made it tough for them to stop the receivers. A few too many missed tackles.

Safeties C
Sure they made a bunch of big plays with the forced turnovers, but the missed tackles and assignments were way too evident. As a group, tried to do too much at times. I want more consistency and solid plays over forced turnovers.

Special Teams C-
Joe Phillips missed his first field goal of the year. Sean Sellwood seems to have developed a peg leg and can't punt the ball over 40 yards. Shaky didn't have a single punt return opportunity. The on-side kick by Air Force was more of a good bounce and great execution by the Falcons than the Utes doing something wrong. Phillips fake field goal run may have been the difference in the game.

Coaching D+
Not impressed with the play calling by either Sitake or Roderick. Stuck with their plans despite getting burned here and there. Easily their worst effort of the year, but I'll say it's mostly because of the opponent. I wouldn't want to gameplan or play call against Air Force.

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