MWC Week 10 Power Rankings

TCU solidifies their place at the top while movement at the bottom is aplenty...

1. TCU (10-0) (6-0)
There might not be a better team in the country. They dominated the Utes in every facet of the game, from beginning to end. Won't lose a regular season game all year. I'd vote them number 1 in the country if I had a vote.
2. Utah (8-1) (5-1)
What the hell? We've been waiting for months for that matchup and that's the effort you give. How disappointing. Let's see if they can respond this week in front of Touchdown Jesus.
3. San Diego State (7-2) (4-1)
Snuck by a bad Colorado State team by only 5 at home. Really starting to cut things close here, but a win is a win. With Utah and TCU still to come, need to be much better going forward.
4. Air Force (6-4) (3-3)
Beat each of the other military academies with the win over Army, ensuring bowl eligibility. The big plays in the passing game are really starting to pick up. With UNLV and New Mexico to close, should finish with a three game winning streak.
5. BYU (4-5) (3-2)
That was the BYU team that we all expected this year, and the one we'll see a lot of next season. Jake Heaps looked very good, the running game is working, and the defense looks tremendous. Must avoid a letdown at Colorado State this weekend.
6. Colorado State (3-7) (2-4)
Hung with a good San Diego State team. Freshman QB Pete Thomas is starting to look like the real deal. Winnable games with BYU and Wyoming remaining could save Steve Fairchild's job.
7. Wyoming (2-8) (0-6)
How do you have three different players run for over 100 yards, put up almost 400 yards total on the ground, and lose to a previously winless team? Turn the ball over four times. Wow. At least they have UNLV at home this week, so a winless conference season isn't likely.
8. New Mexico (1-8) (1-4)
I can't believe they won. Mike Locksley will likely end his head coaching career with two wins over two years. This is easily the high point in the season for New Mexico.
9. UNLV (1-8) (1-4)
Were they really losing 52-0 after three quarters to BYU? The Rebels had less than 150 yards of total offense. Bobby Hauck is probably wishing he was back in Montana. How did they beat New Mexico by 35? I know it's New Mexico, but this team is awful.

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