Utah-TCU Position Grades

Grading out the positions after the beatdown at the hands of TCU...

Quarterback F
Wynn was awful. Just awful. Overthrows all game, with about 5 of those to Matt Asiata in the flat. Was scared to death out there. Looked afraid to take a hit or get sacked. YUCK!!!

Running Backs D+
Only 51 yards on 17 carries, but they were taken out of it early once TCU went up big. The blocking was mediocre at best, but Matt Asiata did have five catches.

Wide Receiver C-
A couple of drops didn't help, but Jordan Wynn didn't do his job in hitting his receivers at all. Jereme Brooks disappeared after the first quarter and Luke Matthews and Shaky Smithson were nowhere to be seen. DeVonte Christopher was the only consistent target all day with 6 catches. He would have closer to ten catches had Jordan Wynn been more accurate.

Tight End C
The best play all day for Utah was the pass from Wynn to Moeia for 23 yards. He was wide open. Why they didn't run him on that route more often was baffling.

Offensive Line D-
It's difficult to drop and pass block the entire game, especially when most offensive linemen prefer to run block.

Defensive Line F
Zero pressure on Dalton throughout the game. None. He had all day to throw. They didn't help stop the run much either as the TCU offensive line had the far superior push throughout the game. Very disappointing display by Sealver Siliga and Dave Kruge. They needed to come up huge and were completely dominated.

Linebackers C
The linebackers were decent and kept this from being a lot worse than it could have been. Didn't get any help from the defensive line in run support, but this group was bad in passing situations. Missing Chad Manis turned out to be huge. At least they got to rack up a ton of tackles and pad their stats. .

Cornerbacks F
Burned time and time again. They couldn't cover, they couldn't tackle. The speed of TCU was just too much. 22 of 27 for 381 yards and 4 touchdowns was the total damage. The next highest yardage total that the Utes have given up this year before that was 217 to UNLV. The wide receiver screen plays worked time and time again for TCU. If I'm Notre Dame, I run that play 10 times next week.

Safeties D
They're in a boat similar to the corners. No one was tackling and the coverage was poor. Justin Taplin-Ross was abused throughout the game. Give some credit to Brian Blechen for playing hard throughout the game though. He never quit.

Special Teams B
Sean Sellwood was averaging 2.5 punts per game coming in. He had 8 on Saturday and would have had more if not for the turnovers. His 67 yarder to pin TCU at their own 7 in the first quarter was a huge kick, but turned into a 93 yard touchdown on the next play. Outside of one nice kickoff return to open the second half, Shaky Smithson was held in check.

Coaching F
As poorly as the players executed, the coachers were mostly to blame. They had a poor game plan on both sides of the ball and the players were unprepared. The lack of adjustments, especially defensively, were the biggest surprise.

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