Kyle Whittingham Weekly Press Conference

Notes and Quotes From Coach Whitt's Weekly Press Conference...

We were beaten soundly by an outstanding TCU football team. They had control pretty much the entire way. The game got away from us early on. It was similar to last year but it unfolded in a little different way. Give TCU all the credit in the world. They are a good football team and deserving of their ranking.

We move on to Notre Dame. This is the first time that Utah has played Notre Dame and it should be a great experience. They are maybe the most steeped in tradition program in the country. They are coming off a couple of tough losses. They did have a bye last week and are fighting for a bowl game, and we are fighting to get this thing turned around. We are on national TV, which is good exposure. We need to bounce back and put the loss behind us and resume our schedule.

On responding to a big loss: That's when we need our leadership to step forward. It is nowhere near as much of a necessity as when you are fighting through adversity. We will find out what we are made of this weekend and the leaders need to step to the forefront. We got whipped and we can't feel sorry for ourselves, and we need to move on.

On evaluating the program after a loss: First of all, TCU is outstanding and has done a great job. I have seen them build a program over the last five years. We were fortunate to beat them in 2008 and they have dismantled us the last two years. We look at what we are doing and make sure that we feel good about everything – schemes, procedures, everything. One thing for certain is that we don't want to overreact. This is not the time to panic. We got beat by a good football team, and we are still good and have the chance to do good things by the season's end. We still have a chance to have an excellent season.

More on TCU: They are the best football team we have played since I have been at Utah. I said that last year also, but this year's version is better. I hope they get a shot to play for it all. I think they deserve it.

On the mood in the building: We're disappointed and there's some somberness and it's a little bit deflating, but we have to be able to put that behind us. By this afternoon we will have the film watched, and it's time to move forward and not let a hangover affect us. That would be the most disappointing thing, if this affects two games.

On deficiencies against TCU: Across the board, no one area was more deficient than the other. In special teams we held our own - we didn't win but we didn't lose. Our offense and defense got whipped. One area we have to clean up is that we can't turn the ball over four times. That's the bottom line.

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