Utah Falls to TCU- What Does It All Mean?

What does the humiliating loss mean for this program?

What does it all mean? Well, it means a few things:

1) Utah is not there yet. National title hopes were far fetched to begin with, but this team had all of us believing. We now realize that there is work to be done and changes to be made before Utah can reach that national title contender status.

2) The speed needs to be upgraded. The Utes are very fast, but TCU was much faster. If Utah wants to compete on a weekly basis in the Pac 12, the speed needs to be upgraded a bit. In terms of Pac 12 overall speed rankings, I'd put Utah at 5th behind Oregon, USC, UCLA, and Cal. The Utes are better than all of those teams other than Oregon, but if they don't want to get beat by an inferior team at some point that has more speed, they're going to need to increase their own team speed.

3) Jordan Wynn isn't there yet. He froze like a deer in headlights with TCU coming at him. He looked scared, confused, and overwhelmed. TCU was just too big and too fast for him and it was apparent after only one quarter. If Utah wants to be an elite team, Wynn needs to get past this and grow up quickly.

4) The schedule didn't have them prepared. Not that it can be held against the Utes, but the weak schedule going into the game didn't have them prepared. They were tested twice, but still controlled those games. Not having to come back at any point this season hurt in this game.

5) Hello Las Vegas Bowl. Book your tickets now cuz the Utes are going to Vegas. TCU isn't going to lose from here on out and neither is Utah. If things hold up, they'd play Cal, but the Golden Bears still have to play Oregon and Stanford. They opponent could end up being any one of Cal, Oregon State, UCLA, Arizona State, Washington, or Arizona. The Utes would easily handle all of those teams, except for maybe Arizona (depending on quarterback health).

What it all comes down to is this: Utah is good. TCU is great. Utah played poorly. TCU played like they always play. These two teams could play ten times and TCU would win 9 of them. They beat each of their opponents the same way: speed, strength, and execution. They beat them all by relatively the same score: 45-7. This game had little to do with Utah not being there and more to do with how good TCU is. Utah is going to rebound and still have a nice season. This team is still a good team and I still might take them in one game over the 2004 and 2008 teams as a whole.

Forget this game. Pretend it never happened. Erase it from your memory. It's like the San Jose State game, which some people are claiming never took place. Let it go.

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