Utah-BYU: Position Grades

Grading out the positions after the big win over BYU...

Quarterback D
Wynn wasn't good. Cain was worse. Somehow they still won. 13 of 30 for Wynn and multiple misfires, overthrows, and didn't look like he was in command out there. It started off poorly with the invisible man sack and then the two incompletions, hurting his confidence. Did rally the team though and put up 17 points in the fourth quarter, though much of that was aided by the defense.

Running Backs C-
Who would have thought that Eddie Wide would have more than twice as many carries as Matt Asiata, especially in a grind it out, cold weather game? Wide was decent, but the lack of use of Asiata was a huge mistake as he only ran the ball 8 times.

Wide Receiver B
Jereme Brooks had a beautiful catch and run that led to nothing. Shaky was open more than anyone else, but Wynn missed him on a few throws. DeVonte Christopher made the catch of the year on his touchdown.

Tight End C+
Rogers had one of the plays of the game with his catch leading to the go-ahead Asiata touchdown. Kendrick Moeia did drop an easy catch inside the ten yard line.

Offensive Line D
They were absolutely manhandled in the first half as Wynn was under siege on many snaps. The run game wasn't there without any holes opening up. They were better in the second half as BYU's defense dropped more men into coverage looking to keep from giving up the big play. Give credit to the the BYU defensive line, who played very well. Overall though, not their best performance.

Defensive Line B+
Sealver Siliga was an animal again. He was in the backfield quite a bit, shut down the running game and disrupted every aspect of the BYU offense. Dave Kruger looked to be back to his old self and the defensive ends were pretty good in run support, although they didn't get much pressure on Heaps.

Linebackers A-
What a difference a healthier Chad Manis makes. BYU couldn't run the ball at all and Chaz Walker was everywhere making plays. My only gripe was Walker leaving Mahina at the last second on the final BYU drive leaving him open for a 22 yard catch.

Cornerbacks B+
Brandon Burton just played his last game at Rice-Eccles Stadium. I hope the fans enjoyed him because there's no way he's coming back for his senior year. The deflected ball to Blechen for the interception was a great play and the fourth down batted ball was equally was important. Throw in his block kick and he was the player of the game. Heaps picked on Lamar Chapman and Conroy Black at times, and Chapman was having trouble getting to Heaps on the blitz.

Safeties A
Brian Blechen was amazing again. Huge hits, huge plays. If Tui'one hadn't jumped on the Heaps fumble, Blechen would have scooped it and gone for a touchdown. He's going to some preseason All American hype next season.

Special Teams A
The return game was absent again, but the recovery on the punt that hit a BYU player was huge and the blocked kick was the biggest play Utah has made all year. Joe Phillips did miss a field goal though.

Coaching C
The play calling was not very good on the offensive side of the ball again. The screen plays on 3rd and 15 haven't worked all year. Why would they work now? Kalani Sitake called a very good game and put his defense in position to make big plays, which they did.

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