Update On Robert Johnson Commitment

The SoCal running back gave Utah a commitment last week, but things weren't exactly what they appeared to be at the time...

The Robert Johnson situation has taken a few twists and turns as details of his recruitment and eligibility have unfolded since news of his commitment to Utah came out last week. He informed multiple sources, including a couple with Scout, that he was offered and had committed to Utah on Monday. Robert Johnson currently does not have the grades to warrant an official offer from the University of Utah for the 2011 class. Utah is recruiting him heavily and would have offered him officially if he had the grades, but cannot at this time. In the meantime, Johnson has a verbal non-binding, conditional offer that requires him to meet certain academic requirements. He misunderstood the context of the ‘offer' when it was extended.

Johnson will be attending a JC (likely in California) starting in the summer of 2011. He'll have to complete 48 transferrable units with a GPA of 2.0 or better to qualify for the U, at which point he can transfer and will be eligible. Johnson plans on completing those 48 units over the course of three semesters (Summer 2011, Fall 2011, and Spring 2011). The California JC system allows a student to take as many as 18 units in a semester so this plan of completing 48 in three semesters will work if Johnson can maintain the grades and pass the necessary classes. He plans of playing a year of JC football while completing the coursework, but is going to remain ‘committed' to the University of Utah at during that time, despite not having an official offer.

Here's what it comes down to: Utah wants Johnson. Johnson wants to come to Utah. As it stands now, if he meets the proper academic requirements, he'll be coming to Utah. This is still a long ways away, so things could change between now and 2012, but Johnson wants to be a Ute and the Utes want him to be in Salt Lake City. A lot can happen between now and then and his recruitment could pick up after the season or while he's at a JC, but Johnson remains ‘committed' to Utah at this point.

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