James Wants To Be A Ute

Baltimore LB/DE Tre James is favoring the Utes as signing day nears...

Tre James wants to come to Utah. While his recruitment is coming along nicely, he'd prefer to be a Ute.

"I'm still working on my recruitment. Just sent my tape out to a few more colleges, but my main focus right now is Utah."

James attended the Utes camp over the summer, picked up an offer in July, and was immediately drawn to Utah and what they had to offer.

"Utah really shows you family. When I went out there, knowing I come from Baltimore, I already knew that I'd be looked at different, but they didn't treat me any different. I felt like I can fit in there, but I can also be my own person.

He was also drawn to the coaches and how involved they were with each of the players.

"When I went to South Carolina. Their main focus was getting the players they wanted. They didn't care who you were. Steve Spurrier was like Elvis. You never saw or heard from him. It was impossible to get a hold of him. At Utah, what I liked was the coaches pushed you, but they also worked with you to make you better. I liked that Coach Whittingam came down to the camp and interacted with all of the players and showed that he really cared. It showed that the head coach can have that kind of relationship with his players. If he comes down to see the recruits, what kind of relationship does he have with his players? He seems like a good father figure. They have a game plan and are focused on their players."

A versatile player, James has the size to play defensive end, and the speed and instincts to play linebacker.

"When I went out there I played defensive end, but they liked my quickness off the ball. Most likely they'll put me at outside linebacker."

When asked when he plans on making a decision on where he'll be attending school next year, James said he's not going to make a final decision anytime soon.

"I'm probably going to wait until signing day or maybe at the end of the school year."

He's also received offers from Alright, and Utah State, while receiving interest from Penn State and South Carolina.

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