Know Your Opponent- Boise State

Kevin Hiatt of answers all of your questions about the Boise State Broncos, Utah's opponent in the upcoming Las Vegas Bowl...

Are any of their starters injured and out/limited for the game?

MLB Byron Hout (broken foot)
TE Tommy Gallarda (broken foot)

Who are some of their defensive playmakers?

DT Billy Winn
DE Shea McClellin
DE Ryan Winterswyck
LB Aaron Tevis
S Jeron Johnson

Who are some of the threats on offense besides Pettis,Young,Martin and Avery?

Maybe Tyler Shoemaker, or TE Kyle Efaw, but in honesty that's about it for regular contributors.

Are they sticking with their kicker after the Nevada game?

Yes. Still the best option at Kicker for Boise State.

What are some of Boise's weaknesses that the Utes need to exploit?

DB's have been sketchy this year, and given the depth/talent of the DLine, most teams have most success passing the ball.

What are Kellen Moore's pro prospects?

I think he said it best himself when he said that the NFL doesn't seem to be hungry for "6'0 pocket passers". He doesn't fit the tangibles that the NFL likes.. but his understanding of the game is freakish. If he can't break into the NFL he'll get a shot at the CFL undoubtedly or else just go straight into coaching.

Does Boise feel it will be able to make the jump to a BCS Conference in the next five years?

In this environment, who knows. The football program could make the jump right now, but we lag in facilities, academics, and other sports.

What's a realistic timetable for Chris Peterson before he jumps for a bigger job?

?? He's turned down overtures from some big names on both coasts. I don't even think he knows what a realistic timetable is, he's a unique coach in a unique situation, and he's very comfortable. He's seen 2 mentors leave and lose jobs after 5 seasons, so he is in no real hurry to leave. Recently he said, regarding the Florida job, that he's very comfortable in Boise and makes more than he could ever spend right now. He'll leave if/when he finds a job that he's more interested in.. but right now there doesn't seem to be a job like that anywhere.

Any chance the Broncos go through the motions against Utah after failing to get to a BCS game and don't bring their A game?

Always a chance, but unlikely given the track record of this team and staff.

What does Boise State need to do over the next five years to stay as relevant as they are now?

Continue to win. If there were some specific formula that you have to do to stay relevant I'd write a book and sell it to the other 98% of teams out there that don't seem to be able to accomplish it.

What is Boise going to look like next year as a team? Still top 10 preseason ranking?

Probably not, most likely around #15, depending on Bowl Game results. Boise loses a lot of production with Titus and Austin Pettis.. and the depth behind them is largely unproven. The defense will be fierce though, as long as they can find suitable replacements at S and CB.

How is Boise going to slow down Utah's stellar defensive line?

By utilizing their own stellar offensive line. Boise State's OLine has given up the fewest OLine over the past 2 seasons of any NCAA team, all starters returned from last year. Kellen is rarely sacked. The run will be set up by the pass, most likely.

Utah likes to blitz a lot with their corners. How does Boise do picking up the corner blitz?

Usually fairly well. Kellen rarely gets beat on a blitz because he sees it coming and adjusts the play accordingly. Most teams actually stop blitzing because he makes them pay.. seem to remember seeing a stat recently that he's like 11/13 on corner blitzes.. if it's an automatic completion on a slant to the blitzing side, most teams dial back the CB blitzes.

Is Boise regretting their move to the MWC now that Utah, BYU and TCU are leaving?

Doubtful. Still an improvement over the WAC, especially with the Top-4 WAC teams all going together.

How has recruiting changed with the recent success of the Broncos?

Hard to tell. Recruiting is always a crapshoot and Boise always seems to go after a unique type of player. From what I've heard, however, coaches don't have a hard time getting face time with just about any kid they go after now. One thing that has changed is our focus has become more equally split between Texas and California, whereas it was primarily focused on California previously.

How will Boise attack Utah's backup QB Terrance Cain?

No idea. Don't know enough about Cain to even hazard a guess.

Can Boise stop the running back duo of Matt ASiata and Terrance Cain?

Well, they're #1 Defense against the run and stopped VaTech's very talented duo, and Rodgers of Oregon State so I think that they have the ability.

How will Boise try to slow down Shaky Smithson in the return game?

Good question. Our special teams have been a real disappointment this year, especially kickoff coverage. I imagine that if Smithson starts to become a factor they'll kick away from him.

What's with the blue turf? Will they ever change it?


Who's the best player in Boise State history?

Best? Probably Ryan Clady, Pro Bowl OT for Denver Broncos. He graded out in 2009 as the #1 OT in the NFL according to Sporting News.

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