Utah vs Boise State- Position Grades

Grading out the positions after the humiliating loss to Boise State...

Quarterback D+
Poor Terrance Cain. He was simply overmatched, as was his offensive line, which made things on him even more difficult. The two fumbles were in Boise State territory and killed drives. The lack of arm strength was glaring as he tried to throw on the run. Anyone else still think Terrance Cain is better than Jordan Wynn?

Running Backs D+
Not that it was all their fault with the lack of carries and the horrendous blocking from the offensive line, but neither Wide nor Asiata could really get anything going. They each had one long run, but outside of that, too many plays ended in the backfield.

Wide Receiver F
Drops Drops Drops!!!! How many big play balls were dropped? Shaky and Jereme Brooks did not end their Utah careers on a good note. It's not like the Boise corners were draped all over them either. Worst receiver performance of the year.

Tight End F
No catches. No help in the blocking game. Remember at the beginning of the season when the coaches said that the tight ends would be a big part of the offense? We're still waiting for that to happen. It will be a shame if Kendrick Moeia's talent goes to waste.

Offensive Line D-
You win and lose the game in the trenches. The Utes offensive line was abused as Terrance Cain was under pressure the whole game. Not having John Cullen turned out to be a bigger loss than most of us thought as Sam Brenner was beaten repeatedly. Tony Bergstrom had his worst game of the year and even Caleb Schlauderaff wasn't anyway near his top form. Probably their worst performance of the year.

Defensive Line B-
Had a great first quarter getting pressure on Moore and slowing the run. Ran out of gas in the second half after being on the field for so long. Not their best performance, but not their worst. A healthy Derrick Shelby next season is going to make a huge difference rushing the passer.

Linebackers C
Linebackers looked great in the first quarter making plays and forcing turnovers. Then Doug Martin broke off the 84 yard touchdown run and the floodgates opened. Like the defensive line, looked tired and ran out of gas as the game went on. Things will be better next year with added depth.

Cornerbacks F
Outside of the Lamar Chapman sack and forced fumble, not much went right for the cornerbacks as Moore threw for well over 300 yards with his pinpoint accuracy. A few dropped balls kept the numbers from being even worse. Brandon Burton hurt his draft stock. Pettis and Young made him look like a third rounder at best.

Safeties D
Blechen made the touchdown saving tackle and strip at the goal-line, but the safeties looked lost for the rest of the game. Blechen took an awful angle on the long touchdown run and Taplin-Ross had multiple missed tackles. Throw in the fact that Boise threw deep and over the middle to wide open receivers at will, and this was a bad game for the safeties.

Special Teams B
Not that I blame other teams from kicking away from Shaky, but some of the fun of watching the game is lost when he's not returning punts. He went from a huge factor to non-existant in the second half of the season in the return game. The field goal block could have been a huge play, and Reggie Dunn's second half opening kickoff return would have changed the game if he had beaten the last man.

Coaching D
The offensive gameplan and/or playcalling was terrible. Flat out terrible. Worse than at any point during the season. Something has to be done with the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball, and I'm told that changes may be on the way. Kalani Sitake called a good game and his defense was playing well, but they were on the field way too long, and against an offense like Boise State, ran out of gas quickly. The bowl invincibility with Kyle Whittingham is gone. He's still one of the top 10 coaches in the country, but this game showed that he's still not in that top echelon with guys like Chris Peterson.

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