5 Minutes With Philander Moore

The Utes newest commit tells us why he chose Utah and what kind of impact he can make going forward...

So why did you end up deciding on Utah?

I chose Utah because the coaches are great, the team is real family based, they support one another. The fans are great and we're going into the Pac 12. It'll be very exciting to be a part of that.

What changed after your visit and now that made you want to give the Utes a commitment?

When I was there on my visit they didn't pressure me into anything. They didn't try to trick me into committing. They didn't fill my head up with lies or stories or anything like that. They are real straight forward. They told this is this and that is that. They just put it out there and they let me make a decision. I enjoyed it.

You initially planned to visit Mississippi in a couple of weeks, but you're not going to be doing that anymore. Did anything happen with Mississippi that made you not want to visit or were you just really feeling Utah?

I was really strong towards Utah. My parents thought it would be in my best interest to look at other schools just to make sure. We did a little bit of research on Ol' Miss. There were some pros and cons. Their starting running back is coming back. I really wanted to go in and earn a spot and play for the next three years so the best opportunity for that was at Utah.

How do you see yourself fitting into the offense at Utah and in the special teams game?

On special teams I plan on being a return man for punt and kickoff returns. On offense I really hope to spread the field out and run routes all over the field. They can put me in running back situations or end-arounds. They have there own little game plan on how they plan to use me.

Do you know what you are going to major in?

I'm going to major in psychology.

You're going to sign on Wednesday. When will you be on campus?

I'll be on campus the 9th (January).

How important was it for you to get into school early and be on campus for spring ball?

Spring ball is real important because that's when coaches get to know their players better and they get to know going into the season what they can and can't do. It's a perfect opportunity because you get to come in, work out with the team, work with the quarterbacks and other receivers. I get to know the plays, so by the time we get to two a days, we can hit the ground running and there's no having to learn anything or mistakes.

You mentioned family being very important to you. Can you tell us more about the family aspect that Utah preached to you and how that appealed to you?

Coming from junior college it's a dog-fight every day. It's every man for himself trying to get a spot. When I went to Utah, it's different. We'll learn the plays. There's no yelling, there's none of that. They're always supportive. They help you out and they take care of you. I think that's great that Utah does that.

With your size and your speed, and with Utah graduating Jereme Brooks do you think that you can step right in and fill that void?

I do plan to try to earn a spot and replace him (Brooks) and Shaky Smithson in the returning game. I have a lot of work to, and I think the coaches at Utah know that and I look forward to coming in and working hard.

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