5 Minutes With Jarrell Oliver

The running back committed back in June and lets us know why he picked Utah and what his thoughts are on the open running back race...

How was your season this past year?

It was ok. We didn't have the guys upfront, but those guys gave it their all and that was all we could ask for.

You committed to Utah back in June. Why did you pick the Utes?

Well first off, Salt Lake City is so beautiful that I didn't want to go anywhere else. The program, they're known for winning. The coaches told me that I would have a chance to come in and make an impact early on so that's why I chose Utah.

They're losing their top two running backs from this past season. Do you think that starting spot is something you can win next year?

Yes sir. Anybody coming in fresh has a shot. There's one guy coming in already (John White), but it's up for grabs. It's one of my goals.

You committed a few days after they made the jump to the Pac 10. How big a factor was that in your final decision

It wasn't that big a factor, but made it that much sweeter. Going to the Pac 10, there will be more people watching though.

You're a pretty versatile guy. How do you think you'll fit into the offense that Utah uses and how do you think they'll use you best?

They're going to send me out on some routes. It won't be that big of an adjustment to me because we ran the spread in high school. I think I'll fit in perfectly.

They've got a few running backs on the roster right now and you mentioned John White and possibly Harvey Langi coming in. Most people want to come in and play right away. How open are you to the possibility of a redshirt season?

A redshirt is fine. That just gives me one more year to get my schooling in and everything I need to do. Get bigger and adjust to the game.

You are definitely coming in as a running back, or have they talked to you about trying the other side of the ball?

Just running back. That's all I played in high school.

You'll be graduating in May or June. I assume you'll be coming in the summer?

Yes. I'll be enrolling in the summer.

Utah has some struggles later in the season when they started playing tougher opponents. With the move to the Pac 12 and the tougher opponents that come with that, are you concerned that there might be some struggles initially?

Everybody struggles when they make the jump to a new league. I think that I can personally contribute and help them get through that.

Utah is loaded with players from Texas. How helpful was them having so many players on the roster from Texas?

It's very helpful in that I have someone I can relate to. I know some of the guys that are committed already will be going through the same thing. It was a big factor in my decision.

What day are you coming for your official visit?

January 14th.

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