5 Minutes With Eric Rowe

Texas safety Eric Rowe has seen his recruitment pick up, but stays committed to Utah despite offers from all over...

How did your final season go?

Our season went well. We went to the second round of the playoffs and lost by a touchdown. In the first round we were major underdogs against a powerhouse team (Lufkin) and we blew em out. No one was expecting that. We had pretty good accomplishments this season.

What positions did you play last year?

I played safety. I went on receiver on special packages and kickoff returns.

What made you decide on Utah?

Before I picked Utah, I chose five schools in that time that were my favorites. I went to each one. It was Purdue, Louisville, Rice, Utah and Arizona. When I got to Utah and it blew me away. It had all the requirements I had in my criteria for picking a school out, so I couldn't pass it up.

What were those requirements?

I was looking for a campus that's not tiny, like Rice is, but not spread out and large like Purdue. I wanted that medium seize. I was looking at what was around the school. I didn't want a rural type with nothing outside of the school. That, and of course academics.

Do you know what you plan on studying?

Business and marketing.

Who was the coach that was recruiting you?

Coach Scalley is my main recruiter.

Do you speak with coach Brian Johnson at all? With him being from Texas does he talk to you often?

I've talked to him a few times, but not a ton.

The fact that Utah has so many players from Texas on their roster, was that a big selling point for you with so many players able to make that transition from Texas to Utah and still be successful?

I really wasn't thinking of that so it wasn't a major difference to me.

Do you still keep in contact with any of the guys that are currently committed to Utah?

The only one I really talk to a lot is Jarrell Oliver. We went up to Utah on the same day and committed the same day, so we keep in touch.

Utah generally has a lot of fast guys on defense. How do you think you'll fit in on the defense and what kind of a role do you anticipate them using you in?

The role they will probably use me in is probably as a roaming free safety. I'm good at anticipating and have good closing speed. I can close pretty fast on the running back or receiver. That's what I can bring to the table.

You're coming in as a safety. Utah is losing one of their safeties in Justin Taplin-Ross and their other safety Brian Blechen is likely moving to linebacker. That opens up both safety spots. Do you think you can come in and win a starting spot, especially after seeing a guy like Blechen come in and win a spot as a true freshman?

I think that is something I can do, as long as I get faster in the offseason. I think I have a good chance at winning the starting job.

Is there anything you think you still need to work on our will be working on in the offseason?

I need to work on my footwork still. My technique is something I'm working on. My speed as well. I'm not sure how fast college ball is, but I want to be ready for that. My strength as well. I need to improve that some as well.

How did you feel about it when Utah was invited to the Pac 10?

Utah going to the Pac 12 was a huge added bonus, but I didn't mind going to the Mountain West either.

How do you feel about them making the jump into the Pac 12 in terms of the competition they are going to play and the number of people you will be playing in front of.

Of course I'm pretty excited. I looked at the schedule and our second game is against USC at the Coliseum. That's going to be huge. Hopefully I can get on the field, but just being there is going to be great and having a whole lot more people, especially more than the Mountain West, watching us is exciting.

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