Local 2012 Prospect High On Utah

2012 Receiver Brent Wortman has had his interest level in Utah increase with the hiring of Norm Chow and is hoping for an offer soon.

With the recent hiring of Norm Chow, Utah has seen a dramatic increase in interest from recruits on the offensive side of the ball. Northridge High School of Layton, UT receiver Brent Wortman is one of those players.

"Honestly Utah was running neck and neck with Penn State, Texas A&M, and Oregon State. Coach Chow makes it very exciting. I've talked to Chow a lot about UCLA so hopefully we'll keep the chatter going."

Spending many of his weekends traveling to other schools to get a better idea of what they might offer, Wortman still tries to stay in touch with the coach at Utah.

"We've spent so much time out of state on visits I haven't talked to them much. I'm going to visit Coach Hill and Coach Scalley in a week or so if they stay in town. I told Scalley I was coming to camp this year and I wanted to prove I deserved a spot on the Ute roster."

Wortman currently sports offers from Oregon State, Boise State, and Texas A&M. Penn State is close to offerring and Boston College just asked for his game film, but Utah appears to be the team to beat at the moment and a commitment may come shortly if an offer is extended.

"Utah offers everything I'm looking for. The opportunity to stay home and become a student athlete for the U. If they offered, I think I would commit. I already have offers from Pac 12 and Big 10 schools, but I've been waiting for Utah to see what they were going to do."

Despite the excitement in regards to the Utes, Wortman will continue to take visits and may wait until the end of his senior year to make his final decision.

"I want to continue taking visits so I can see what's out there and explore all my options."

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