Spring Camp Recap Day 1

Utes kick off first practice of spring ball with a new offensive coordinator and without Jordan Wynn...

Jordan Wynn took snaps with the team, but didn't do any throwing. He's still a few weeks away from doing so. Spent a lot of his day asking Chow and Brian Johnson questions.

Tyler Shreve is an athlete. Much smoother than Robles and makes things look easy, almost non-chalant. His mechanics do break down after first option is covered. Much higher ceiling than Robles, though. I left impressed.

Robles threw a few tremendous balls along the sidelines. His deep passes are much improved over last season. Had beautiful balls to Fitzgerald and Christopher.

Thretton Palamo was getting reps at running back. Very good athlete, but still learning how to play. Put one move on Terrell Reese that was very impressive.

Harvey Langi takes awhile to get going at full speed but is faster than anticipated. Ran away from Damian Payne one run. Picks his holes very well. Doesn't look like a freshman at all.

Luke Matthews was arguably the top back today. Nothing spectacular but was most consistent. On field experience showed.

John White is very fast and shifty. Difficult to find in traffic.

Tight end Westlee Tonga was noticeably bigger.

Wide receivers dropped a ton of balls in the early part of practice but got better as the wore on, especially Devonte Christopher, who was unstoppable in the second half of practice.

Mo Lee was very good today and the most consistent receiver. Could make a run at a starting spot. Sean Fitzgerald looked good as well.

Derrick Shelby was noticeably quicker than last season.

Safeties and corners struggled in 7s, especially when the quarterback made an average or better throw.

Reggie Topps and Conroy Black were the best corners today.

Trevor Reilly lined up as a linebacker but looked out of position. Was beaten in coverage often.

Offense was better than the defense by the end of practice.

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