Spring Camp Recap Day 2

The Utes participated in day two of spring football practice still with no pads

First off, Jordan Wynn was not at today's practice.

Today's practice featured a lot of seven-on-seven and 11-on-11 action and it seems that Tyler Shreve is slightly ahead of Griff Robles for the backup quarterback roll, but remember today's practice is only the second of spring and was without pads.

Shreve was the more consistent quarterback today and he was better then Robles in throwing the deep passes by being more accurate and getting the balls thrown on a dagger as Norm Chow kept saying during practice.

Shreve also ran with the first team for most of the practice.

The passing game worked on a lot of deep 20-plus yard passes as well as getting the ball out to the tight ends and running backs on short routes.

Early on in practice the receivers were dropping passes as they did on Tuesday and were not running the routes properly, but by the end of the practice during 11-on-11 action the receivers seemed to be doing a much better job in route running and catching balls.

Devonte Christopher as expected was the best receiver today, but tight end WestleeTonga was impressive and caught nearly everything that was thrown his way.

Wide receiver Kenneth Scott is good at getting off the line when corners press due to his size, but he was hit-and-miss when it came to catching the ball.

The running backs all have their bright spots and mixed in with the one's and two's.

Luke Matthews was able to have some good gains when he ran up the middle which surprised me since he is more of a speed back who gets to the outside quickly.

Harvey Langi looked more comfortable today and showed good lateral movement in the backfield when trying to find a hole to run through.

John White is a compact back that gets low when he runs which makes him tough for defenders to get a hand on. He consistently made it to through the second level on his runs today.

Thretton Palamo showed promise today by using his size when he ran, but he still runs upright too often.

Brian Blechlen looked good at linebacker and he was not thinking too much or hesitating at his new position. He almost had an interception as well.

The defensive backs looked shaky again and allowed the receivers who were not great today look really good, and especially on the deep passes

Saturday's practice will be the first with full pads and it will allow for us to see how players perform in full contact.

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