Utah Spring Practice Recap: Day 3

The first day in pads was intense, but brought about an injury to a key player..

Fast paced practice today and the first one in pads.

Devonte Christopher and Damian Payne went down with leg injuries on the same play. Payne looks to be ok, but Christopher's looked worse. Possible hamstring injury. He was down for awhile and severely hobbled when he got up. Whitt said that he'd be evaluated but could miss a few weeks.

Neither quarterback was very effective with both fumbling snaps, and throwing multiple interceptions.

Griff Robles took most of the snaps with the ones. He struggled on medium ranged passes (10-20 yards) and was picked a few times in that range. His few successes on the day were on swing passes and deep balls. Too many underthrown balls today.

Tyler Shreve wasn't much better on the day. His dropback is somewhat slow and deliberate. The first step is very slow, almost as if he's thinking about his footwork as he drops back. Despite his struggles, it is apparent that he is going to be a better QB that Robles and I think he'll grab the backup QB spot by the time fall camp rolls around.

The receivers had a case of the drops today. Mo Lee is particular. Lee was used a lot on swing passes and is getting a lot of run with the ones despite the drops.

Dres Anderson and Kenneth Scott both looked good today and have very promising futures. The coaches have to be happy with the play of both. Scott was in a red no contact jersey. Anderson was repeatedly praised for his blocking.

Dexter Ransom wasn't used a ton today, but did put a great move on Quade Chappuis after a catch that was very impressive for someone his size.

Luke Matthews was the best back today with Langi and White right behind him. White and Matthews worked mostly with the ones. Palamo is still learning and runs a lot like an upright fullback. He's very protective of the ball though. Don't be surprised if he never fumbles.

Langi had one run where he broke three tackles in the backfield and turned a five yard loss into a five yard gain.

John White ran through a tackle from Joe Kruger in 11s and looks like he might be the fastest player on the team. Puts his head down well for a little guy.

The defense had a few big hits later in the day. Michael Walker laid a huge hit on Luke Matthews that had everyone buzzing.

Matt Martinez with a great tackle and forced fumble on Dres Anderson on a reverse. Martinez was the best linebacker on the day. He had at least one interception and made multiple impressive plays. The second team linebackers with Fehoko, Hale, and Reilly looked much more comfortable today, both in run and pass situations.

The corners were having a lot of trouble today with deep balls, but weren't getting much help from the safeties. There seems to still be some confusion as to who is helping who, but the communication was better as practice progressed. Ryan Lacy had a pretty good day while Conroy Black was excellent in 11s.

Defense definitely got the best of the offense in 11s. They were dominant for most of the session.

James Aiono and Star Lotulelei were standouts on the defensive line today. They were overpowering the interior of the offensive line.

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