Spring Camp Recap Day 4

Today, Utah worked the majority of practice on the passing game...

The running game saw limited action in today's practice and when it was being ran it was Jordan Wynn who was under center during 11-on-11 handing the ball off. Both Norm Chow and Kyle Whittingham are impressed with John White but he did not seem to be the best back today, but that distinction belongs to Harvey Langi who looks like a natural running the ball. That could be a good thing because then Langi is living up to the hype or Utah could be in trouble with the running game, but remember this it's early and this is only spring practice. Thretton Palamo is still a project at running back, but he did have a few runs where he looked good running the ball.

The quarterbacks worked a lot on timing routes early on with no defense, and Tyler Shreve was getting the ball to the receivers just as they broke from their routes, while Griff Robles was getting the ball to the receivers late. These routes were done with no defense and Robles still was not able to get the ball there on time. It seems more and more that Shreve will be the backup to Wynn.

Anytime Shreve was pressured during seven-on-seven's and 11-on-11's he almost always had a bad pass, but that is to be expected for a young player learning a new offense. Overall, both quarterbacks were able to complete a lot of passes especially over the middle of the field and for big plays to the tight ends. The defense had a hard time picking up on the quick passes, and at times seemed loss with receivers getting wide open.

With Devonte Christopher out with his hamstring injury, receivers Mo Lee, Dexter Ransom and Kenneth Scott stepped up and all three had good days catching the ball. In fact, all of the receivers were being praised today for their route running. Scott was the best overall as he was able to get by open regardless of which defensive back was guarding him.

The defense was not all bad today. Three defensive lineman that shined today with Derrick Shelby, Dave Kruger and Star Lotulelei getting in the backfield stopping the running game at the line and pressuring the quarterbacks. Shelby and Kruger are expected to be good, but it was good to see Lotulelei to have another solid showing.

Defensive back Ryan Lacy was having a tough day today and was getting beat through out the day and specifically when he was asked to press the receiver at the line.

Sophomore defensive back Wykie Freeman was inconsistent as he has been throughout camp, but he is getting a lot of attention from the defensive coaches which is a good sign because they want him to succeed.

On the injury front coach Whittingham said wide receiver DeVonte Christopher is very unlikely to return to spring camp.

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