Spring Practice Report

The Utes were back at it with a 'no tackle' practice that ended up being their chippiest yet...

It was a designated 'no-tackle' day, but there was plenty of tackling, especially in the second half of practice. The first half of the practice was spent working in position groups on basics and fundamentals.

This was by far the chippiest practice of the spring with a few flareups between offensive lineman and their defensive counterparts. John Cullen had a few post play shoving matches with other players.

Luke Matthews spent most of his day with the receivers. I'm still trying to figure out his role as he doesn't do much blocking on is consistently going downfield.

The offense was having issues with false starts. They had four of them over a 15 or so play period, including back to backs on Mo Lee and Isaac Asiata. They were also 'sacked' on three straight plays during 11s and were lit into by both Chow and Whittingham.

Neither quarterback really stood out today, but Shreve was a little bit better than Robles. Robles threw a dart to Mo Lee that split like 4 defenders, with a corner hanging on Lee's back, that he caught, broke a tackle, and took off running. Shreve had a beautiful ball down the sidelines to Dres Anderson. Too many overthrows overall as a group, especially Robles. On one poor read and throw by Shreve, Brian Johnson laid into Shreve like I've never seen Johnson do to a player, getting directly in his face and repeatedly yelling, "WHAT THE F**K WAS THAT?!?!?!?!"

Langi and White received the majority of the carries early today with Palamo and Radley mixed in. Palamo received a lot of carries later in the day. Over a 10 play period, each player broke a long run in 9 on 9s (no receivers or corners). White was the best back today overall. He runs incredibly well between the tackles for someone his size. He also had a spin move where he reversed field and outran the entire defense to the opposite side of the field. Palamo is being used a lot to catch the ball out of the backfield.

Mo Lee was the best receiver today making a ton of catches, including a few that he took to the house. He had one where he caught it over the middle and beat three DBs for a touchdown. Dres Anderson and Griff McNabb were also standouts in my eyes today.

The right side of the offensive line of the future looks to be pretty secure with Daniel Nielsen and Isaac Asiata at tackle and guard respectively. Nielsen had a great pulling block that sprung Palamo for a long run. Asiata had two false starts and was noticeably dejected after each. The ribbing from the defensive players wasn't helping. His talent is apparent though, and he'll be a big time player sooner rather than later.

The defensive line was getting pressure on the QBs, but a lot of the 'sacks' today were coverage sacks thanks to the DBs. The interior of the line didn't have their best day with some issues stopping the run up the middle, but Star Lotulelei did recover a fumble on a ball slapped away from the QB. Look like he caused the fumble as well, but couldn't tell for sure.

Kalani Sitake spent a lot of time with the linebackers today. During hitting drills, when Brian Blechen hits someone, it makes a different sound than everyone else in the linebacking corps. He's scary and special. Had a great deflected ball on a pass from Robles. Trevor Reilly is looking more and more natural as a linebacker. He could be an All Conference type down the line. Don't be surprised if Matt Martinez turns out to be the most productive linebacker in 2011.

DBs had their best day of spring ball in my eyes. Multiple coverage sacks and forcing high throws with their tight coverage. Ryan Lacy was praised throughout the day by the coaches and Terrell Reese was a standout as well.

The two minute offense is still a work in progress without Wynn under center. There was a ton of confusion and not many positive plays.

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