Spring Scrimmage # 1 Recap

The Utes participated in their first full scrimmage of the spring...

Both quarterbacks were hit-and-miss throughout the scrimmage with Tyler Shreve still being ahead of Griff Robles. The reps were even and it seems as if the coaches are giving Robles every opportunity to win the backup job, but he is not performing well enough at this point to earn the number two spot. Neither quarterback looked great today and were inaccurate in the short passing game. It did not help that the receivers were not hanging onto the intermediate passes.

Within the passing game it was either a 25-yard pass for a touchdown or nothing. Late in the practice, the intermediate game showed up a little with some passes to Harevey Langi from the backfield -- who by the way needs to work on his catching ability especially in the west coast offense the Utes are running -- or to tight end Kendrick Moeai.

The secondary did do a good job by breaking up and defending the short passing game, but they were not effective at all in stopping the deep passes.

Shreve ended up throwing four touchdown passes today with the best pass of the day being a 35-yard strike on a post pattern to Reggie Dunn who caught the ball on stride. Shreve also was having a nice day connecting with Dexter Ransom who, at least for today, was Shreve's favorite target. All of the touchdown passes were all deep passes. Robles on the other hand had two interceptions by Brian Blechen and Quade Chappuis.

The most impressive running back today was Thretton Palamo who was getting big run after big run and getting about four to five yards per carry, and he had two runs over 20 yards on the day. His running style is fierce as he is getting better at lowering his shoulders when running and at times forcing contact while keeping his legs moving for extra yards. He is still raw, but today was his most impressive day in spring camp.

John White looked good today netting about four yards a run with most runs being up the middle which was impressive for being a smaller player, but his best play was a reception he caught out of the backfield where he was able to fake out two defenders to turn the ball into about a 10 yard gain. White just made the catch-and-run look very easy.

The offensive line was stellar during the first half of the practice protecting the quarterbacks, but once the  midway point hit the defensive line began to get constant pressure. Defensive end Eric Dago was the most impressive today and was getting pressure and sacking the quarterback (well getting close enough to sack since the quarterbacks were off limits) multiple times throughout the practice and was often getting past the offensive line untouched from the right side.

Penalties on offense were a reoccurring theme which ranged from false starts, pass interference and delay of game.

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