Pauu With Utah Ties

Anaheim (Servite) linebacker Butch Pauu has family ties to the Utes and is hoping for an offer...

Well built Southern California linebacker Butch Pauu is building an offer list, but is open to all comers.

"I have three offers from BYU, Washington, and Iowa State. Getting a ton of letters from Pac 12 schools like USC, Stanford Colorado, and Washington State, but I'm open to anything right now. I don't have any favorites."

Winning over Pauu and his services comes with a certain criteria, with a big focus on the coaching staff.

"The most important things are the coaching staff, the defensive coach, and the the longevity of the coaches. Don't want to go to a school with new coaches. The atmosphere is also very important. I want to go somewhere that I'm comfortable. I am mormon so a school that allows me to go on my mission as well."

With quality coaches and a track record of taking LDS players who go on missions, Utah is a draw and a natural fit for Pauu, who also has a cousin who currently starts for the Utes.

"I have a cousin who is the center at Utah (Tevita Stevens) and I met him this past Christmas. He wanted me to come by the campus and to say hi to him and to attend the camp."

Despite the lack of an offer from the Utes, Pauu is still holding out hope that they'll come calling.

"I definitely have a bunch of interest in Utah. I'm going to the BYU camp so I want to go to the Utah camp too while I'm there. I have a lot of family in Utah so I'd love to play there."

With the move to the Pac 12 on the horizon for Utah, recruits are showing more and more interest in playing in Salt Lake City and Pauu isn't any different.

"My family and I are big supporters of the Pac 10. We followed UCLA and USC and have always been Pac 10 fans. With Utah going to Pac 10, that makes us think even more highly of them."

Already growing tired of the recruiting process, Butch and his family won't wait much longer to make a decision on where he'll be playing his college ball.

"My parents and I decided that we're going to commit over the summer so we can get it out of the way."

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