Practice Report 4/9

The Utes cancelled the scrimmage and headed indoors due to weather...

Scrimmage was pushed back to Monday due to weather so the Utes had a regular practice indoors.

Very sloppy practice on both sides of the ball. Neither the offense nor the defense was very sharp.

Dexter Ransom caught a pass along the sidelines and ran head first into one of the brick walls around the Fieldhouse. Was down for a few minutes but returned to practice later in the day.

Westlee Tonga tweaked an ankle towards the end of practice, but shouldn't miss any time.

Thretton Palamo suffered a shoulder stinger in post practice fumbling drills, but told me it wasn't bad.

Tyler Shreve is definitively ahead of Robles now, taking the majority of the snaps. Both QBs struggled today with reads, timing, and accuracy, often throwing behind or over receivers, throwing to the wrong spot. There were a few bright spots from Shreve who had a perfectly placed ball over two defenders to to Reggie Dunn in the end zone.

Shreve has a really hard count and was able to get the defense to jump a couple of times. Seems like something small, but helps his teammates hear the count better in a loud stadium and gets everyone on the same page with timing.

Thretton Palamo was again the best running back today. He churns his legs unbelievably well (very similar in nature to Adrien Peterson) when he's pushing for extra yardage at the end of a play. Palamo had a 15 yard run up the middle where he was dragging multiple defenders.

Fumbling has become and issue with the running backs, especially in the last two practies. Langi has put the ball on the turf a few times as well as Palamo. They had back to back carries where each fumbled during 11s.

John White didn't have a ton of carries but had the most impressive move of the day. Took a handoff up the middle, was about 10 yards downfield with an offensive lineman ahead of him, cut left and passed the lineman, before cutting back to the right and behind the lineman and passing him again, all in a matter of about 2 seconds. The speed was unbelievable.

The quarterbacks love having Devonte Christopher back. When he's on the field, the ball is generally going his way. The corners couldn't cover him at all today. He's going to make 60+ catches this year. Bank on it. He put a double move on a corner and a safety that split them and left him wide open in the end zone, but was overthrown by Robles.

Offensive line had another sub-par day with Robles and Shreve seeing a lot of pressure. They were much better in run blocking than pass blocking today.

The defensive line continues to get better and better each practice. Along with the linebackers, they are doing a great job of stringing out running plays towards the sidelines. Joe Kruger had another impressive day as did Star Lotulelei. Joe Kruger has arguably been the best defensive end in spring camp so far.

We could see a shakeup with the 2s in the secondary. Jay Hill was not happy with them at all today, and was all over Wykie Freeman again. A lot of players were being shuttled in and out at corner and safety. Too many players not knowing their assignments was the biggest issue of the day. Look for Lewis Walker to see more time over the next week.

Linebackers were steady again today. Trevor Reilly and Brian Blechen each had a few nice plays.

Ryan Lacy and Conroy Black spent a lot of time on the sidelines between plays talking with DB coach Jay Hill about their assignments and asking questions. Instead of Hill approaching them, they approached Hill.

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