Red-White Spring Game Recap

The red team defeated the white team 7-0 in the eight-annual Red-White spring game...

The only scoring for the red team on the day and it was a 15-yard touchdown pass from Tyler Shreve to Dexter Ransom just before halftime. That touchdown play was very smooth from the throw to the slant pattern where Shreve hit Ransom in stride and untouched into the endzone.

The red team was led by No. 2 quarterback Tyler Shreve, wide receiver Dexter Ransom, running back Harvey Langi and Luke Matthews. Ramson led all receivers with four catches for 57 yards, with Luke Matthews who also was on the red team came away with three catches and 41 yards. Those two receivers were the best all afternoon from either team. The two receivers had great chemistry today.

Outside of connecting with Radley and Ransom, Shreve was inconsistent when throwing to others. Only two of his nine completions were thrown to other receivers and they were tight end Jake Murphy and Karl Williams. During the second quarter, Shreve was throwing behind receivers and when he was pressured was over throwing receivers. One throw that was impressive by Shreve was when he bobbled the shotgun snap, was forced to roll right and threw a strike to tight end Jake Murphy with a defender in his face. Overall, Shreve was average as he had stints of throwing very well and then other times looking like the first-year player he is. He ended the day going 9-20 with an interception to Joseph Smith, 122 yards and a score.

The offensive line for the red team was opening up holes for the running game as Lucky Radley and harvey Langi were given plenty of space to run the ball. Langi was very impressive running the ball and showed a few more moves then he had been showing during spring practice by initiating contact instead of avoiding it. Langi was not only the best running back on the day, but he was the most consistent and best player on the afternoon.

Early in the first quarter, offensive lineman Percy Taumoela went down with a left leg injury, but he did end up returning during the second quarter and was fine the rest of the day.

The white team was led by Griff Robles, but his performance was well below that of Shreve. He was not accurate at all during the day and everything he was completing were short passes to the running backs on an outlet throw. John White was the recipient of three of those short passes and was able to pull the ball in and run down field smoothly. 

Robles completed 11-23 passes for only 74 yards, however in the second half Robles improved over his paltry first half performance by connecting with Griff McNabb and three times to Phil Hinson. His improvement only lasted on that first series, because on the subsequent drives McNabb was pressured on multiple occasions.

The red team defense was able to get to Grif Robles and was sacked two times and was forced out of the pocket five times on the day. Robles was also picked off once by Terrell Reese who had a return of 20 yards.

On the white team the running game was not used as much. White did have some good runs and ended up with 36 yards on only six carries. White's runs were impressive as he used his speed and stayed low to the ground to slip through the defensive line. The only time White was stopped was when he was running the ball inside the five-yard line where he was stopped in his tracks by David Rolf.

Thretton Palamo had only two chances to run the ball and had four yards, but he did have a nice reception out of the backfield. Earlier in spring practice Palamo was having issues catching the ball out of the backfield and then moving the ball up field.

The white defense did improve in the second half by not allowing the offensive line on the red team to have their way. Plus the white defense ended up having three sacks in the game with three sacks and 2.5 by linebacker Trevor Reilly and a half sack by 

With only one touchdown on the board today, the defense is the clear winner in the spring game. Overall there was seven pass breaks on both sides, the two interceptions, five sacks, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery and eight times where the quarterbacks were flushed out of the pocket.

The offense will have its work cut out form this summer and will need to get better as the Utes go into their first season in the Pac-12.

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