Cochran Holds Utes In High Regard

The mammoth center prospect out of Northern California is picking up offers left and right and has the Utes towards the top of his list with an official visit likely on the horizon...

Butch Colony High School (Atwater, CA) center Matt Cochran was worried that he wasn't going to get an offer to play college football. Now he can't keep them from rolling in.

"I was worried for awhile that I wasn't going to get an offer. I thought I'd get something early, but it was taking awhile and it made me nervous. Once I got that first offer and knew I'd be able to get a free education, I was relieved. Now I'm up to seven offers with SMU and Colorado having just offered."

Along with the two recent offers, Cochran sports offers from Arizona State, San Jose State, Washington, Washington State, and Utah. The big lineman isn't naming a favorite at this point and is still hoping to pick up more as his recruitment goes along.

"I don't have any favorites at this point. I'm pretty wide open, but there are still some schools that I hope will offer like UCLA, USC, and Stanford. I'll be attending a few camps over the summer and might pick up more."

Before heading out to the camps, Cochran has a few immediate unofficial visits that he'll be taking shortly and one that he hopes to take later in the summer.

"I'm going up to Oregon State, Washington, and Washington State this week to visit. I'm going to try to visit Salt Lake City and Utah in June. I've talked to Coach Norm Chow and their offensive line coach (Tim Davis) and I like what they've had to tell me. Utah is a great up and coming program and I'm very interested in the them. "

Despite not claiming a favorite at this time, Cochran knows of two schools that he plans on taking official visits to during the season.

"I plan on visiting Washington and Utah. Those are the schools that have offered that I really want to visit officially."

While not sure of where else he'll be visiting, Cochran does have a criteria that a school must meet to win over his services.

"I'm looking for a school where I'll have a great interaction with the players because they are the guys that I'll be spending the most time with. I definitely need to have a church on campus. I'm a Christian and that is very important to me. I'm also looking for coaches that have a strong family philosophy with their team."

With current starting center Tevita Stevens going into his senior year in 2012, Utah would seem like an ideal spot for Cochran who can spend a year working with the coaches and redshirting before stepping into a starting role in 2013.

"I'm confident in my ability to come in and compete for a starting spot, but I'm not opposed to a redshirt season either."

While out on the camp circuit and through his high school, Cochran has made friends that he wouldn't mind playing with in college, including highly recruited teammate Aziz Shittu.

"Aziz and I have talked about playing together in college, and it is something we'd like to do, but I still need to make the best decision for myself and for my future. Where I go will determine the next four or five years of my life and then set the foundation for the rest of my life. It's really a forty year decision."

With more offers likely on their way, he's in no rush to make a decision, but won't be waiting until the last minute as many highly rated prospects tend to do.

"I want to commit towards the end of my season. I don't want to wait until February. I don't think it is fair to the coaching staffs to make them wait that long for my decision."

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