Sai Is Utah's First Commit For 2012

The Hawaiian lineman and younger brother of current Ute Kapua Sai is the Utes' first for 2012

Utah landed their first commit for the 2012 class in Hawaiian (Kamehameha School) offensive lineman Kiha Sai, younger brother of current Ute lineman Kapua Sai, and he couldn't be happier.

"It was crazy the past couple of days. I still can't get over the excitement."

All it took was one phone call and a scholarship offer from the Ute coaching staff and Sai was ready to commit immediately.

"On Friday I got a call from Coach Chad and they offered me and a second later I committed."

While receiving interest from a few other schools, Utah was the only place that Kiha wanted to be, and jumped at the chance to play alongside his older sibling.

"I was just waiting for Utah. We've been talking for like five years. Every since my brother was offered as a freshman, they've showed interest in me and been talking to me a lot. When they offered on Friday, it was mind blowing. When I went up to the spring game I went to see Coach Davis and he was really surprised that I was the same size as my brother. We grew a bond while I was there. He said, 'Wouldn't it be great to have the two Sai brothers playing for Utah?' I knew right then and there that they would be offering me."

While being moved all over the line in high school, Sai is being brought in at his preferred position.

"Coach Davis wants to bring me in as a guard. He likes my aggression on the inside. I like to play guard. Everything is more compact and physical inside. My best position is guard. My biggest strength, what I've been told is that I have a really good first punch. The punch is saving my footwork because I need to get a little faster and more flexible."

Having the opportunity to go to a school and play with with his brother to help guide him along is something Sai is looking forward to.

"It's going to be easier for me to be up there and have a sibling to coach me up. I'll be a step ahead of everyone else in learning the system and not getting lost. Someone to take care of me and tell me what to do."

Making the transition from the tropical weather of Hawaii to the colder climate in Utah, doesn't concern the younger Sai much.

"I know the weather is going to take time to get used to with it being in the 30s. To have other Polynesians up there to make me feel like I'm still at home with the whole new climate and the whole new state acclimation will help. It's going to be awesome, I can't wait."

With his senior year on the horizon, Sai is glad that the recruiting process is over and he can concentrate on his final season of high school football.

"It will be a whole new game to. Since I got the whole recruiting thing done, the stress is now gone, and I can just focus on my game and working on my technique, and then just play to have fun. I'll most likely be graduating next May and coming in the fall of 2012. I don't think my school allows people to graduate early, but I'll see if I can, but I'll most likely be there in the fall of next year."

With his recruitment having wrapped up and his decision to attend Utah as solid as you'll find, Sai will turn his recruiting efforts to some local Hawaiian players to try to get them thinking Utes.

"I have a few friends back here that are committed to other schools. Maybe I can slip the Utah name in there and get some recruiting done for Utah down here."

Once on campus, Kiha says he'll be ready to compete and earn a chance to play alongside his brother, a dream of his.

"I'll do whatever it takes. I just want to do my best there and show the coaches that I can play right next to my brother, or maybe even get better than my brother and beat him out at his position (says while laughing). It would be an honor to play next to my brother and be part of that legacy of the brothers up at Utah and have everybody see the Sai Brothers on the back of the jerseys. That would be amazing."

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