Thomas Part Of a Package Deal?

Consumes (Elk Grove, CA) wide receiver Michael Thomas is one of the more underrated receivers in California and could be part of a three person package for one school...

Consumes Oak (Elk Grove, CA) wide receiver Michael Thomas is one of the more underrated receivers in California and could be part of a three person package for one school. Thomas is best friends with highly rated cornerback Marcus Rios, who is currently committed to Boise State, but has still been picking up offers since his early March commitment, including one from Utah.

We spoke with Michael's Father, Michael, who is also the wide receiver coach a Consumes Oak. Despite not receiving a ton of interest up intil just a few weeks ago, Michael started getting calls after running a couple impressive times in a track meet.

"He's running track right now. About three or four weeks ago he ran a 10.79 in the 100 and 22.5 in the 200. After he ran those races the interest in him really escalated quickly. He's a football player running track right now. We wanted to get that quick twitch off of the line going pretty quickly and track is helping with that."

With those times, Pac 12 and other area schools have come calling, wanting to get Thomas on campus for a visit.

"Washington State has shown a lot of interest. Nevada is a heartbeat away from offering. We took an unofficial to Fresno State. There has been some dialogue with UCLA. We have unofficial visits to Washington State and Boise State already scheduled."

Utah has shown quite a bit of interest as well. We've talked to Coach Alford about the camp and our ability to get up there, but it is definitely in our plans."

With the interest picking up, but wanting to be be able to make a early commitment should an offer come, Thomas has a top five that includes the Utes.

"Michael currently has a top five of Utah, Boise State, Washington State, Nevada-Reno, and Oregon State."

Both Rios and Thomas plan on camping at Utah in June and an offer for Thomas could eventually lead to a commitment from Rios as well. The wild card in the whole situation? Marcus' sister, Tina, who is a track star, and Marcus is very close with. Rios has indicated that he and his sister would like to attend school together.

"They've both been to Boise because of the Boise team camp last season. All they've talked about is playing together and Marcus has also said that he wants to be near his sister. "

Wanting to stay close to family friends being an emphasis for both Thomas and Rios, it comes as no surprise that an emphasis on family and a family atmosphere are important to the Thomas family when they do make a final decision, while also weighing the order in which the offers come in.

"The one thing we have always emphasized as a family is that feeling of being part of a family. That comfort level of coming in and it isn't just about the football team. It's about the community and getting a great education. The order in which the offers come in is going to play a big part for him. An early offer will mean a lot to him. That school that first sees something in him, and feels like he can be a part of what they are doing. When someone says that they commit to you, and when they commit to you, that means a lot to him."

Should Michael pick up a Utah offer at their June camp, and with Marcus being on campus at the same time for a visit, the Utes may be able to sway a commitment out of Thomas while flipping Rios.

"It will be really interesting when Michael does pick up an offer to see what Marcus wants to do as well. They're like family. Having the opportunity to play at a division school away from home, and be there with your best friend is a big part of the dream."

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