Crane Getting Closer

Texas wide receiver Conner Crane recently picked up a Utah offer...

Conner Crane has turned into one of the most sought after receivers in Texas and has picked up quite a few offers including one from Utah recently.

"I've had a lot of offers and interest so far. A bunch of schools have been out to my practices and I've been getting a lot of letters and talking to a lot of coaches."

The big receiver is stressing academics heavily when making a decision.

"Academics are important and the relationship I have with the coaches. The feel I get with the campus and the town and stuff like that."

Crane recently picked an offer from Utah, a school he didn't know was even looking at him.

"I didn't know much about Utah until I started talking to Coach Scalley and now I've been talking to him a lot. They've been really successful in bowl games."

With Utah having a world renowned medical program and facilities, Crane's future aspirations as a doctor could be a big draw in the Utes landing him eventually.

"Coach Scalley told me that they have a good medical program and I'm looking to be a doctor one day, so a good medical program is definitely something that is important for me."

Wanting to make a decision sometime over the next few months, Crane has a few visits lined up, and may be coming to Salt Lake City.

"I still need to talk to my parents about it, but I want to come visit Utah over the summer. Talking to Coach Scalley, he's made it sound like a great place. I'll probably get my decision done over the summer. I definitely want to make my decision before the season starts, but I don't want to rush anything either. If the decision does roll over into the season, I'm ok with that."

The senior to be reports solid numbers for his junior season.

"These numbers are exact, but I had 40 catches for 900 yards and 12 touchdowns I think."

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